Double Opt-in Best Practices

Rachel Cobb
Emails should never be sent to people who did not sign up for them — that’s a sure way to get your emails marked as spam, which can eventually tank your domain reputation. Using double opt-in helps ensure your readers have enthusiastically agreed to receive your messages — and that produces h…

How Mysa Revved up their Revenue by 592% Through Email Marketing

Lucy Wen
Mysa makes smart high-voltage thermostats that allow their US and Canadian customers to have full control over the heating and cooling of their home all within the Mysa app. Their thermostats can be purchased online through their website.  Mysa was previously using Klaviyo to send their …

A Woman’s Place is in Tech

Lacey Budd
VP of Engineering Kitt Caffall is on a mission to diversify Engineering teams, “The (tech) industry is more diverse than when I started, but not nearly as diverse as it should be.” Kitt’s family moved to Silicon Valley when she was in junior high, right when PCs were coming into homes.* Kitt …

Easy Date Formatting With Liquid

Jp Valery
Personalizing your messages with Liquid can increase conversions and build stronger customer loyalty. Including specific dates in your emails can be a powerful way to connect with customers — celebrating a milestone, reminding them of renewal dates, alerting them when they take certain actions i…

Attack of the Bots: Why You Need reCAPTCHA

Rachel Cobb
Are you using reCAPTCHA on your site’s forms? If not, you’re taking a major risk. reCAPTCHA helps protect one of your most valuable assets: your domain reputation. If I could tell every one of our customers to implement reCAPTCHA today, I would! Some marketers worry it will require too many r…

Locking Users into Segments to Unlock 20% of Monthly Upgrades

Lucy Wen
Guardio is a cyber security company that provides protection to users through a browser extension. Driven by the ideal that security software should be easy enough for our everyone to use, they develop creative tools and products to combat modern web and browser threats. Guardio offers a freemiu… Raised our Series A

Colin Nederkoorn
Startups often raise a lot of capital early. Large fundraising rounds shorten the time you have to thoughtfully build your business. In 2017, I talked about our approach, fundstrapping which still represents how we’re building the business today. We have taken the time to do things right and …

Lifecycle Planning in 6 Simple Steps

Colin Nederkoorn
People often reach out to us for advice on how to design an awesome lifecycle email plan. Lifecycle emails can be really powerful in building long-term relationships with customers, so I’d like to share here some tips that customers have found helpful—especially those starting from scratch.&nbsp…

How to Build a Better A/B Test: Tips and Tricks

Rachel Cobb
A/B testing is one of the best—and lowest cost—ways to improve your marketing. Comparing one message’s real-world performance against another gives you hard data about what your customers actually respond to. And if you leverage A/B testing to the fullest, you can really boost your KPIs. I ta…

Running a Minimum Viable Climate Audit

Madeline Pickering
It all started with a Slack message in our #random channel, as any good idea does. Over the last couple of years, our team at has felt increasingly anxious about climate change and eager to do what we can in every area of our lives. So I wondered, what can do? The …
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