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How WIN Reality enhanced their marketing strategy by centralizing customer engagement

Rachel Welt
VR companies seek to enhance their marketing strategies as virtual reality (VR) evolves into a more sophisticated industry, tool, and marketing channel. WIN Reality, a sports technology startup, is no exception. By merging the world of virtual reality with real-world training for baseball and softball players of all leve…

ZEN.COM boosts active users by 50% through targeted user segmentation and a strong value proposition

Rachel Welt
In an era of increased mobile shopping and banking from smartphones, ZEN.COM, a global fintech company, aims to make shopping, money exchange, and daily financial management more secure by streamlining them into a single mobile app. Serving over 500,000 users, ZEN.COM has seen explosive growth in the last few years and b…

How BallerTV used multi-channel personalization to up-level their marketing

Rachel Welt
Meet BallerTV, the leader in youth sports coverage with live streams, replays, and highlights of top youth sporting events. As a rapidly scaling business, BallerTV needs to reach various targeted audiences with precision timing across multiple channels to continue their growth. That’s where comes in. Centr…

Bamboo doubled conversion rates: The power of multi-channel messaging

Rachel Welt
Meet Bamboo, an investment platform from Lagos, Nigeria. Their mission? To make investing simple, affordable, and accessible to all. As a dynamic startup, Bamboo juggles multiple audiences, an ambitious growth plan, and a need for a messaging automation tool that can keep up. Enter A data-first messaging …

How Goody improved message conversion rates by 2.7x with minimal developer support

Rachel Welt
Goody is an all-in-one platform for employee, client, and sales gifting, with a dynamic marketing team whose needs have grown with the startup. Throughout their growth, one thing has remained constant—email is a critical channel for revenue. That is what led Goody to They needed a nimble messaging platform t…

Klar + Powering fintech in Mexico
Klar is revolutionizing Mexico’s personal finance industry. This startup serves up a transparent, free, and secure alternative to traditional credit and debit services: a 100% digital platform that promises credit decisions in just three minutes. The company’s massive growth, spurred by a $90M funding round in…

How Musora combats churn with

Musora is all about making the world a more harmonious place through music. Serving close to 200,000 online learners, the brand offers great teachers, top-quality lessons, and student-centered online communities. Musora’s suite of apps teach students drums (drumeo), piano (pianote), guitar (guitareo), and voice (singeo)….

How Livestorm increased their monthly G2 reviews by 135%
Find out how Livestorm used smart strategies (and’s flexible features) to double G2 reviews, boost conversion by 60%, and more.

RushOrderTees: 1 new feature, 140% revenue increase

Gabriela Kustner
RushOrderTees’ innovative combination of event conversions and segments in gave them a 140% bump in both revenue and transactions from the campaign. But it gets better.

How RushOrderTees Fuels Success With’s Flexibility

To keep pace with their customers’ needs, RushOrderTees needs a marketing platform that matches their speed, flexibility, and innovative spirit. Today, with in their tech stack, “you can’t do that” is a thing of the past.