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Bamboo doubled conversion rates: The power of multi-channel messaging

Rachel Welt
Meet Bamboo, an investment platform from Lagos, Nigeria. Their mission? To make investing simple, affordable, and accessible to all. As a dynamic startup, Bamboo juggles multiple audiences, an ambitious growth plan, and a need for a messaging automation tool that can keep up. Enter A data-first messaging …

How Goody improved message conversion rates by 2.7x with minimal developer support

Rachel Welt
Goody is an all-in-one platform for employee, client, and sales gifting, with a dynamic marketing team whose needs have grown with the startup. Throughout their growth, one thing has remained constant—email is a critical channel for revenue. That is what led Goody to They needed a nimble messaging platform t…

Klar + Powering Fintech in Mexico
Klar is revolutionizing Mexico’s personal finance industry. This startup serves up a transparent, free, and secure alternative to traditional credit and debit services: a 100% digital platform that promises credit decisions in just three minutes. The company’s massive growth, spurred by a $90M funding round in…

How Musora Combats Churn with

Musora is all about making the world a more harmonious place through music. Serving close to 200,000 online learners, the brand offers great teachers, top-quality lessons, and student-centered online communities. Musora’s suite of apps teach students drums (drumeo), piano (pianote), guitar (guitareo), and voice (singeo)….

How Livestorm increased their monthly G2 reviews by 135%
Find out how Livestorm used smart strategies (and’s flexible features) to double G2 reviews, boost conversion by 60%, and more.

How Pastime Overcomes Startup Challenges with
“To me the big impact is not just the business KPIs, it’s the resource KPIs. Using’s capabilities and flexibility frees up the resources we would otherwise need to allocate to another tool or doing things ourselves. That’s a game-changer.”

RushOrderTees: 1 new feature, 140% revenue increase

Gabriela Kustner
RushOrderTees’ innovative combination of event conversions and segments in gave them a 140% bump in both revenue and transactions from the campaign. But it gets better.

How RushOrderTees Fuels Success With’s Flexibility

Gabriela Kustner
To keep pace with their customers’ needs, RushOrderTees needs a marketing platform that matches their speed, flexibility, and innovative spirit. Today, with in their tech stack, “you can’t do that” is a thing of the past.

Faundit’s Email Strategy Doubles Conversion Rates

Working globally with hotels, nightlife venues, and airports, Faundit reunites lost belongings with their owners through a highly customized integration they offer to hospitality vendors. When a staff member at a hotel finds a misplaced item, they open Faundit’s integration on their website and can send an email and SMS …

5 Ways Hunter Amps Up Engagement With Segmentation

Gabriela Kustner
An intentionally minimalist organization that serves up major value, Hunter has used’s robust segmentation to power their trademark hyper-responsive service at scale.
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