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How Goody improved message conversion rates by 2.7x with minimal developer support

Goody is an all-in-one platform for employee, client, and sales gifting, with a dynamic marketing team whose needs have grown with the startup. Throughout their growth, one thing has remained constant—email is a critical channel for revenue. That is what led Goody to They needed a nimble messaging platform that would allow them to test, track, and adjust their messages without engineering support. In just a few months, Goody has managed to:

  • Execute 7x the number of A/B tests across their email messages
  • Increase engagement with emails to their customers by 40%
  • Increase their end-user conversion rate by 2.7x

The biggest challenge: Notifying customers of gifts

Goody is pioneering innovative ways to send gifts. Customers send gift notifications to the recipient’s email instead of mailing physical gifts—eliminating the need for addresses. It’s crucial gift recipients receive and open the email notifications to accept their gift. 

Before migrating from Braze, Goody’s marketing team had little control over the emails notifying end users that someone sent them a gift (a critical step to final conversion). These emails were utilizing multiple platforms for delivery. They required engineering resources to set up and build, significantly limiting the speed of testing and optimizing to improve engagement and conversion.

Since migrating to, Goody’s marketing team has taken over the creation, editing, and testing process with their gift notification emails, allowing them to iterate and optimize messages without engineering support. This has allowed their team to move faster, remove barriers, and free up engineering resources.

“Now we have all of the data and tools we need, which enables us to quickly build [gift notification emails] in the campaign builder with no additional engineering support required.”

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

Testing, testing 1, 2, 3

Goody has dynamic marketing needs as a startup, requiring a platform that empowers their team to make changes, conduct experiments, and maintain flexibility in their campaign creation and execution. That’s where steps in. 

Since using, Goody has run seven times more A/B tests across their campaigns, including the gift notification emails to gift recipients and campaigns to the customers sending gifts. 

The swift execution of these tests has not only boosted conversion rates, increasing revenue for their business, but it has also enabled the Goody team to track drop-offs in engagement, unlocking the ability to improve campaigns based on where end-users or customers stop engaging with a message series. This capacity to test and implement successful iterations has transformed the marketing team’s ability to continuously enhance their campaigns, engagement levels, and conversion rates.

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

“A/B testing now is very fast for us. We have been able to conduct 7x more tests than we did last year, increasing our overall conversion by 2.7 times within the first 4 months of using This makes our executive team very happy. Everyone’s happy. Having tangible numbers to justify why we went with a specific message or campaign flow is really valuable to me.”

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

Personalized content to customers 4x faster

We all know that Spotify’s end-of-year wrapped campaigns are the pinnacle of personalized customer content. And, of course, Goody wanted to create their own version. They tried to send a similar wrapped-style campaign last year, but without, sending emails with dynamic, event-based content was an uphill battle.

Fast forward, and with in their stack, the Goody team successfully built a dynamic, monthly gift report email cleverly named “Goody Unwrapped” that includes information on how many gifts were sent and accepted, and how many gift recipients wrote a thank you note back to the sender. The best part for the Goody team? They did it all in a matter of days, and now it runs automatically to their entire customer base, driving engagement and communicating value to their customers like clockwork.

“The cool thing is, we were able to do this in about three days. Before, putting something like this together would take two weeks. We are able to send out personalized content for our customers 4x faster than before.”

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

Wendy Zhang, Senior Program Manager, Lifecycle, Goody

Since using, Goody has transformed their lifecycle marketing with nimble messaging that can be tested, optimized, and personalized to maximize conversion and the impact on their customers and end-users.

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