Fintech Customer Engagement

Build customer trust quickly

Guide customers through key moments in your fintech funnel, converting interested signups into loyal spenders, lenders, or investors.

FinTech Customer Engagement

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Make your customers feel like a million bucks 

Build a foundation of trust that leads to long-term customer relationships.

KYC as easy as 1-2-3

KYC as easy as 1-2-3 

Know your customer (KYC) steps like ID verification and linking a bank account are common spots where people drop off. Build real-time campaigns that react to drop-off behaviors and get your future customers back on track.

    Nurture long-term adoption

    Nurture long-term adoption 

    Increase monthly active users by reminding your customers of their progress toward their individual financial goals. Ensure greater lifetime value by guiding them towards other relevant products.

      Maximize ROI through testing and analysis

      Maximize ROI through testing and analysis 

      Show how engagement turns into revenue using our reporting and A/B testing functionality. If you want to dive deeper into the output, our platform can automatically sync your results into a data warehouse or an analytics tool for further assessment.


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        Explore how our platform can optimize the fintech customer journey.

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        With, we tailor our messaging to our audience. We don't talk down to experienced investors, and we take time to explain complexities to newcomers.

        Ugo Iwuchukwu
        Ugo IwuchukwuHead of Marketing & Partnerships

        We’ve had an improvement of around 8-12% in collecting late payments, and over 14% improvement in activating users, which for us means they complete their first financial transaction after sign-up.

        Diego Schocher
        Diego SchocherBusiness Architect

        The multi-channel approach allows us to test and refine our strategies through A/B testing, helping us understand what value propositions motivate our users.

        Michał Dąbrowski
        Michał DąbrowskiCommunications & Product Growth Manager

        I created a segment for people who had asked for a feature we were launching. Those emails perform really well because people know that we’re paying attention to what they've asked for.

        Heloisa Assis
        Heloisa AssisMarketing Manager

        Creating campaigns and broadcasts is very straight forward. I'm quite technical, but I’m not a developer or anything like that. It's a tool that is easy to get, and there is a lot of supporting documentation.

        Kasper Ernerot
        Kasper ErnerotCommunication Manager

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