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Strategic support

You’ll have access to a dedicated CSM, priority technical support, migration support, custom onboarding plans, and quarterly success check-ins.

Managed deliverability

In-house deliverability experts take care of every aspect, from setting up and warming to configuring your dedicated IPs for optimal performance.

Unlimited data storage

Grow your data without limits. Acquire vast amounts of audience and non-email data, without any extra charges.

Extra workspaces

Effortlessly manage separate business entities, products, apps, groups of people, and more under one unified account.

Custom objects

Group your audience based on how they relate to your business and personalize messages using that unique information.

Data replay

Replay historical data from one source to a new destination, ideal for vendor migrations (e.g., from Mixpanel to Amplitude).

Compliance badges: GDPR, AICPA, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO 27001

Security you can trust

As a data company, we understand the importance of keeping your company’s data secure.

  • GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, and CCPA compliant.

  • Choose between an EU or US data residency.

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Seamlessly integrates with your entire martech stack

Confidently connect to the CRM, analytics, and data warehouse you use to scale your business.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Data Pipelines (or any CDP) or use webhooks or APIs.

  • Utilize web and mobile SDKs to identify people and target messages.


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Customer.io has been a critical part of our onboarding process since the very early days of Segment. Using the data we send to Customer.io, we’re continually improving our onboarding strategy.

Ilya Volodarsky
Ilya VolodarskyCo-Founder

We use all channels in our campaigns, when it makes sense to do so. Last month we sent over 11M emails, over 5M push notifications, almost 1M in-app messages, and almost 100,000 SMS messages from Customer.io.

Diego Schocher
Diego SchocherBusiness Architect

Customer.io uniquely offered easy integration with all our systems, reducing the workload on our data architect team.

Sydnie Hickey
Sydnie HickeyEmail Marketing Manager

Showing the value of our products and sharing proper use cases has helped our business grow in unimaginable ways.

Sophie Gil
Sophie GilGrowth Marketing Manager

We send close to 1000 unique event properties to CIO. Other tools did not allow for this and it would require expensive additional development time to get all the relevant data to be available in our campaigns.

Lucas van den Houten
Lucas van den HoutenCofounder

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