Features that transform customer engagement

Create personalized customer journeys that engage and convert. Scale, flex, and innovate at your own pace. When powered by data, your messages lead to meaningful relationships.

Marketing automation features 

Visual workflow builder

Drag-and-drop interface to build campaigns

Multi-channel campaigns

Email, push, in-app, SMS, Slack, and webhooks

Transactional messages

Trigger password resets, order receipts, and more

Campaign triggers

Segment, event, form, relationship, date, webhook


Schedule single newsletters or API-triggered broadcasts

A/B testing

Optimize messages and monitor performance

Time delays

Determine the timing of messages in campaigns


True/false, multi-split, and random cohort

Mobile SDKs

Native iOS + Android, React Native, Flutter, Expo

Queue drafts

Start your automated campaigns in draft mode

Subscription center

Let your audience decide what messages they receive


Store language preferences for multi-language campaigns

Conversion goals

Measure performance based on user actions

Analytics + metrics

Gain insight into audience behavior to improve success


View and compare metrics for campaigns and more

Data exports

Export attribute and event data for selected profiles

Data management features 


Connect your tools with sources and destinations

API + webhooks

Connect to public APIs and trigger campaigns

Data warehouse sync

Replicate your Customer.io data in your data warehouse

Reverse ETL

Extract, transform, and load data into your workspace


Data-driven and manual segments to group people

Ad audience sync

Automatically sync segments with your ad networks

Custom objects

Group your audience based on relationship data

CSV import

Import people, objects, relationships, or events

Data replay

Resend past data without making new API calls

Identity resolution

Match customer and lead profiles

People profiles

Store information you have about your customers

Data activation

Use data to power your multi-channel messaging

Nested data

Store JSON arrays, objects, and arrays of objects

Custom events

Track the activities that are meaningful to you

EU + US data centers

Choose which region you store your customers’ data

Connected forms

Trigger campaigns based on form submissions

Content creation features 

Code editor

Build, preview, and collaborate using a code editor for email

Drag-and-drop editor

Add content blocks, images, and buttons without code

AMP for email

Give your email superpowers with dynamic content

Inbox previews

Render your emails across hundreds of devices


Design responsive emails with this framework

Email accessibility

Identify critical, serious, moderate, and mild issues

Liquid personalization

Create dynamic messages based on customer data

Email design systems

Build emails faster with reusable components

Approvals + feedback

Your team can approve or request changes on any email

Real-time collaboration

Everyone can annotate, comment, and approve emails

Link and image validation

Review links and images for errors and loading issues

Custom SMTP

Send email through any SMTP server of your choice

Platform features 


Manage your products, sites, or apps within one account


HIPAA, SOC 2 Tier II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant


Enhance security and control access to your account

Role-based permissions

Assign different roles to limit and manage access

Privacy management

Prevent team members from viewing profile and event data

Customer success manager

Get dedicated help during onboarding and beyond

Managed deliverability

Monitor and analyze your sending performance

Dedicated IPs

IPs are provisioned, warmed, and managed on your behalf

Technical support

Email us and receive a response within 24 hours

Live chat

Speak with our team in real-time on business days


Easy-to-follow product guides and developer resources

Customer.io community

Connect with and learn from power users

Customers love us

Preferred by product-led companies 


Customer.io listens to us and what we want. We love seeing things we’ve requested actually being built out. The best example of this has been the Sticky Notes feature.

Sharon Blatt Cohen
Sharon Blatt CohenSenior Marketing Lead

Not only are new features being rolled out constantly, our Account Manager has operated like a consultant in terms of optimum integration and ways of using new features to achieve our business goals.

Tomas Burke
Tomas BurkeHead of Marketing
Kids Discover

We’re so happy to have found our forever marketing platform with Customer.io. You offer every feature and the support we need to be able to tackle all our messaging goals.

Ted Levine
Ted LevinePresident & CEO
Carly Connected Car

Customer.io has so many features that allow me to build extremely personalized customer journeys for so many segments by leveraging triggers, unique and customizable user attributes, filters, and branch splits.

Paola Nosthas
Paola NosthasOnline Marketing Manager

I love the product. The metrics are fantastic and the team is executing very well on new features. The smartest Marketing Tech people I know include this product as part of their core stack.

Morgan Bender
Morgan BenderHead of Product

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