Data Pipelines

Data to fuel growth

A customer data platform built to seamlessly integrate and distribute your first-party data where it matters most.

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Data Pipelines
Sources + Destinations

From A to B faster 

Move data from sources to destinations with ease. Get your applications up-to-date with accurate insights to engage customers.

Bring all your data in

Bring all your data in

Easily connect your first-party data via pre-built integrations, APIs, SDKs, webhooks, and more.

Keep all your data in sync

Keep all your data in sync

Native reverse ETL for data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery ensures data accuracy.

Security you can trust

Security you can trust

Stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, CCPA, and other regulations.

  • Set rules to proactively block restricted personal data.

  • Keep data safe by restricting access by user role.

Data activation

Unify your customer data 

Consolidate touchpoints from any source, including your data warehouse, for a complete view of your customer.

Actions simplified

Easily transform data to fit your needs with flexible filtering and mapping actions.

Data flow visualization

See which sources are connected to which destinations with just a click.

Data replay

Add a new destination and resend past data without making new API calls.

Detailed event logs

Track, diagnose, and repair issues impacting the flow of data across your environment.

Public APIs

Built as an API-first platform to work with all your data, regardless of source or destination.

US and EU data centers

Select the region for storing your customers' data based on your business needs while ensuring compliance with regulations in both the US and EU.

Data Pipelines + Journeys
Data Pipelines + Journeys

More powerful messaging 

Pair Data Pipelines with Journeys to build unique personalized interactions across mobile and web, using channels like push, email, in-app, and SMS.


Do more with your data 

Discover how you can use real-time data in to power your automated messaging campaigns.

Customers love us

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We know how important data is. Not only that, but to own your own data. That’s why we chose

Daniel Sand
Daniel SandCEO
Soundview Communications

What really makes stand out is your focus on data. You make it easy to get the data we need, whether it’s sending it in or getting it out. The cherry on top is we can leverage our data to dynamically personalize our segmentation efforts and messaging.

Marc Messer
Marc MesserDirector of Digital Marketing

It took a skilled engineer months to connect data to our old (and expensive) CDP provider. Even syncing with Meta and Amplitude required many support emails. Data Pipelines solves this in a few clicks without any additional costs.

Renan Serrano
Renan SerranoFounder

Customer data lives in a lot of places, and bringing it together is a pain. Data Pipelines made it easy to connect our messaging data to our data warehouse—no code required.

Jeff Lyon
Jeff LyonDirector of Technology is an irreplaceable piece for our marketing automation and operations stacks. It's flexible and powerful, yet simple and intuitive enough such that anyone on our team can build rich, diverse customer journeys with ease.

Matt See
Matt SeeCOO

A big reason we chose to go with is your ability to let us own our own data.

Ido Schachter
Ido SchachterR&D Tech Lead

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  • 14-day free trial
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