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Your messages will feel more personal when they’re perfectly timed and triggered with an advanced rules-engine.


Create groups of similar people using things you know about a person, or things they’ve done to better inform what you say to them.

User Profiles

Tap in to a stream of everything someone has done, and how they’ve interacted with the messages you’ve sent.


Measure your success with opens, clicks and most importantly: conversions.

Design & Personalization

Add your own HTML or use ours and use liquid templating to merge in data like {{customer.first_name}}.

Built for Scale

Over 900 customers send 100s of millions of emails every month on our enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Features galore, and more being added all the time

It seems like magic,
but it’s really pretty simple!

A light integration sends the Customer.io platform user data from your web or mobile app. Then you can start sending emails based on what people do or don't do after they log in. Increase engagement, revenue, and customer success with intelligent messaging.

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James logged in
James logged in for the 100th time
James joined segment "Awesome Users"
Automatically email James

You're now in control.
Say goodbye to engineering rage.

Remove the heavy burden on engineering to make changes and export data. You’ll be creating new messages faster, and getting real-time results on how every message is performing.

Automatically email them when they match all of the following conditions:


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Sure, we could say that our core values as a company are to be transparent, responsive and to put you, our customers first? But maybe we need a reference here:

"Their support team is WOW. They've completely raised the bar for my support expectations from other SaaS companies. They are instant, descriptive, knowledgeable and hustlers."
Pratik Agarwal
Product Manager at Remind

Over 900 successful customers including:

Trello, DigitalOcean, and Olark are just some of the companies that use and trust Customer.io!

Learn how Thinkful, an online education company, increased email engagement by 67%

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For up to 200 profiles and 400 emails every month

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