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Send the right messages at the right time

Flexible Triggered Messaging

Use an event triggered email to send a payment receipt or other transactional email. Use a segment triggered email to onboard people in your app or win them back after a period of inactivity.

Deliver relevant newsletters

Send or schedule one-time emails to just the right people. No more asking developers to export a CSV just to send out a targeted email.

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Upgrade Annual Billing

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Who should receive this email?
in Not on Annual Billx
in Paid us 12 timesx
Add segment condition+
136 recipients

Rich segmentation so you can focus on your message

Everything is kept up to date in real time.

Create segments from any data


We'll automatically log each pageview on your site and in your product.


Anything about the person, like name, price plan, age.


Things that people have done on-site or in-app.

Email Activity

Find everyone who has opened your emails.

Segment people by:

viewed this page:

at least 3 times within the last 30 days

Ready to Buy

People who:
have viewed the page /pricing at least 3 timesx
facebook_connect is equal to truex
OR have performed the event invited_friendx
subscription_trial is equal to truex
Combining Segments

Create a “My best customers” segment with people who:

  • pay at least $50 a month
  • log in at least 10 times a month
  • have clicked on our emails
  • upgraded from push notification campaign
Export Segment Data to CSV

Slice and dice your data in and then export it to do a deeper dive in Excel or another system.

Context for every customer conversation at your fingertips

Rich Customer Profiles captures on-site and in-app behavior to build profiles of every single sign up.

Activity Stream

See how people are using your app. You'll have a view of activity for every person in the system.

Archives of Every Message

View the history of every message sent to a person (and whether or not they opened your emails).

All this power from a simple integration plugs into your website or mobile app, making your data available in real-time for messaging and decision-making.


Include the Javascript snippet on your site.


We have libraries for most programming languages.

Our friends at provide one-click integration to send data to

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Our most popular features


Your messages will feel more personal when they’re perfectly timed and triggered with an advanced rules-engine.


Create groups of similar people using user profile data or what they’ve done to better inform what you say to them.

User Profiles

Tap into a stream of everything someone has done, and how they’ve interacted with the messages you’ve sent.


Measure your success with opens, clicks, and most importantly: conversions.

Design & Personalization

Add your own HTML or use ours and use liquid templating to merge in data like {{customer.first_name}}.

Built for Scale

Over 1,000 customers send 100s of millions of messages every month on our enterprise-grade infrastructure.

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