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All-in-one customer engagement platform

Unify your customer data management, create personalized messages, and design your emails in a single, intuitive interface. Experience powerful tooling for campaign development loved by marketers, developers, designers, and data analysts alike.

Campaign channels

Connect on preferred channels 

Create unique customer interactions across mobile and web through channels like email, push, in-app, and SMS.

Email marketing

Automated journeys, one-time sends, and transactional messages.

In-app messages

Embedded experiences in your website and app.

Push notifications

Rich informational messages with deep linking capability.


Deliver text, multimedia (MMS), and WhatsApp messages.

Campaign execution

Build messages that drive impact 

Visual workflow builder

Drag-and-drop interface to easily outline exactly how you want your automations to flow.


Utilize first-party data to customize messages, delivering impactful customer experiences.

Metrics and analytics

Run custom reports or export your data to better understand campaign performance.

A/B testing

Optimize messaging through content and cadence experimentation.

Real-time data

Power your marketing automation with real-time data for personalized experiences.

Email design systems

Organize code in reusable blocks, create attributes, use conditional statements, and loop over data.

Campaign strategy
Campaign strategy

Omnichannel messaging that delivers outcomes 

  • Onboarding: Guide customers to early adoption of your most high-value features.

  • Activation: Deliver aha moments to showcase your product’s full potential.

  • Retention: Use data to develop at-risk customer segments and create journeys to stop churn before it happens.

  • Cross-sell and upsell: Expand your presence in top accounts with targeted offers on new products or plans.

Data management

Seamlessly transform data into actionable insights 

Discover how you can use real-time data in to power your automated messaging campaigns.

Data-driven segmentation

Use real-time data and unlimited behavioral conditions for lists, campaign triggers, filters, conversion goals, and more.

Custom objects

Enhance message precision with data like current company, courses completed, or properties owned.

Data warehouse sync

Sync all your data and enjoy real-time accuracy with native reverse ETL support for Snowflake, Big Query, and more.

Data activation

Activate your data with unlimited sources and destinations to personalize the customer journey.

US and EU data centers

Select the region for storing your customers' data to meet your business needs and ensure proper compliance.

Ad audience sync

Automatically keep your segments in sync with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ad networks.

Content creation

Code high-quality emails 

Parcel’s code editor allows for collaborative, real time editing and is packed with features like emmet, auto-complete, Can I Email data, and plain text support.

Drag-and-drop editor

Design responsive emails without coding. Seamlessly add content blocks, images, buttons, and global styles.

Liquid personalization

Use variables and other logical statements to send dynamic messages based on customer data.

Email accessibility

Easily identify and flag critical, serious, moderate, and mild accessibility issues.

Custom subscription center

Let your audience decide what messages they want to receive.


Deliver content in your customers' preferred language with multi-language variations.

Code editor

Build, preview, and collaborate using an editor designed specifically for coding email.

Platform features

Designed for your entire team 

Tailored for universal usability, our platform minimizes operational overhead, guaranteeing maximum ROI for brands of all sizes.


Workspaces enable seamless management across multiple products, sites, or apps within a unified account. Admin users can designate team members with access and management privileges for each workspace.

User permissions

Admin-level users can control who on your team can create, edit, and view workspaces, workflows, people, messages, metrics, and more.


As a data company, we understand the importance of keeping your company’s data secure. Stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, CCPA, and other regulations.


Flexible integrations your developers will love. From data warehouses to analytics tools, confidently connect to the databases and applications you use to scale your business.


Free trial for all plans 

Join thousands of businesses around the globe who use to send their automated messaging campaigns and strengthen relationships.

Customers love us

Preferred by product-led companies 


One of the biggest successes with is being able to have multiple teams use the platform to generate value. Because the UI is so intuitive, anyone can go in and start building complex campaigns.

Jorge Alonso
Jorge AlonsoMarketing Manager

We were blown away by our ability to have marketers create complex automations without having to get too technical. We also have engineers in the platform and love that both departments can easily execute their visions.

Ido Schachter
Ido SchachterR&D Tech Lead

We send every single customer profile from our database into Attributes are constantly changing too, so we need a platform that automatically updates people's values whenever they change.

Michelle Ballen-Griffin
Michelle Ballen-GriffinDirector of Data & Analytics

Using has brought together our DevOps, growth, and operational teams and processes to reach our customers in a personalized, authentic way that was previously unimaginable.

Raaj Chatterjee
Raaj ChatterjeeFounder and CEO is an irreplaceable piece for our marketing automation and operations stacks. It's flexible and powerful, yet simple and intuitive enough such that anyone on our team can build rich, diverse customer journeys with ease.

Matt See
Matt SeeCOO

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