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A marketing automation platform to create data-driven email, push, in-app, and SMS to engage customers where they are.

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Visual workflow builder

Simplify campaign execution 

Build intricate, multi-step customer journeys with clarity. And, do it all without needing support from technical teams.

Designed for collaboration

Designed for collaboration

Everyone wins with flexible integrations, easy access to data for personalized messaging, and powerful analytics for making informed decisions.

  • Visualize your automation flow with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Leave notes inline to help explain workflow logic, actions, delays, and more.

Customize campaign triggers

Customize campaign triggers

Develop a truly personalized customer journey by choosing the who, what, when, and why of each message.

  • Trigger campaigns by segments, events, dates, relationships, forms, or webhooks.

  • Ensure messages arrive when you want them to with time delays, wait untils, and time windows.

One campaign, many branches

One campaign, many branches

Send each customer down a unique path with flexible branching logic.

  • Fine-tune your flow and ensure optimal performance with multivariate testing.

  • Send each customer down a unique path with flexible branching logic.

Omnichannel support
Omnichannel support

Seamless customer interactions 

No more channel silos. Build unique customer interactions across whatever set of touchpoints work best for your business.

  • Automated journeys: create targeted cross-channel campaigns that enhance the customer experience

  • One-time sends: schedule a single newsletter or API-triggered broadcast to any audience of your choosing

  • Transactional messages: use email or push notifications to send password resets, order receipts, and more

Code and no-code message builders

Choose to code your emails from scratch, use a drag-and-drop editor, or start with our email and in-app message templates.

Liquid personalization

Use variables and other logical statements to send dynamic messages based on customer data.


Deliver content in your customers' preferred language with multi-language variations.

Subscription center

Let your audience decide what messages they want to receive.

Cross-device support

Execute your mobile cross-channel strategy with mobile and web in the same platform.

Connect your data

Real-time, flexible data model 

Trigger timely, targeted messages with an up-to-date picture of your users.

Flexible integrations

Flexible integrations your developers will love

From data warehouses to analytics tools, confidently connect to the databases and applications you use to scale your business.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Data Pipelines (or any CDP) or use webhooks or APIs.

  • Utilize web and mobile SDKs to identify people and target messages.

Data-driven segmentation

Use real-time data and unlimited behavioral conditions for lists, campaign triggers, filters, conversion goals, and more.

Unlimited attributes

Access unlimited data points about your audience—names, preferences, emails, and more.


Easily receive data from any external application and trigger campaigns without the need for third-party tools.

Ad audience sync

Automatically keep your segments in sync with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ad networks.

Custom objects

Enhance message precision with data like companies people work for, courses they've taken, or properties they own.

Anonymous events

Track events before people sign up or log into your site, app, or service to help personalize onboarding campaigns.

Experimentation + Analysis
Experimentation + Analysis

Test your way to success 

Stay on top of your messaging health. Monitor your message leaderboard, segment membership, active experiments, and delivery metrics to identify spikes or trends over time.

  • Analytics: run customized reports or export your data to better understand campaign performance

  • A/B testing: test variations on content and cadences to optimize messaging, including testing within workflows and on broadcasts

  • Conversion goals: set up and track key metrics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

  • Dashboard: view and compare metrics across campaigns, broadcasts, messages, links, and conversions in our dashboard

  • Deliverability: maintain a healthy reputation with dedicated IPs and implement industry best practices


Build memorable messages 

Join thousands of businesses around the globe who use to send their automated messaging campaigns and strengthen relationships.

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Dolphin Technologies can do what other marketing automation tools can’t—take in millions of events from users per day, segment through them almost instantly, and use any campaign action imaginable to create workflows.

Gerald Aichholzer
Gerald AichholzerDigital Marketing Executive

We were blown away by our ability to have marketers create complex automations without having to get too technical. We also have engineers in the platform and love that both departments can easily execute their visions.

Ido Schachter
Ido SchachterR&D Tech Lead is an irreplaceable piece for our marketing automation and operations stacks. It's flexible and powerful, yet simple and intuitive enough such that anyone on our team can build rich, diverse customer journeys with ease.

Matt See
Matt SeeCOO
Clearbit-w is the most intuitive and robust omnichannel messaging platform I’ve ever used. They beat the competition out of the water.

Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCawFounder

We've long needed the ability to create advanced nurture flows that can send our contacts down more personalized paths.

Michael Roberts
Michael RobertsHead of Marketing Automation

Showing the value of our products and sharing proper use cases has helped our business grow in unimaginable ways.

Sophie Gil
Sophie GilGrowth Marketing Manager

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