March Release Notes

March marks the start of Spring, which also means we lost an hour of sleep. Luckily for you, with all things considered, it didn’t slow us down. We continued to ship new features, including newsletter delivery in your user’s time zone and Google Single Sign-On. Read on to learn what else is new this month….

How to Build a Round-Robin Assignment for your Inbound Sales Funnel

Alex Patton
Using’s global variables – called snippets – and our app API, you can create a workflow that automatically routes new leads to the next account executive on your list….

Business Continuity at During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For many businesses, is a mission critical part of infrastructure. With the ongoing covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, I want to reassure you about our resiliency. We’re confident that service from will continue unaffected. Here’s what you might want to know: Globally distributed. Our team of 58 people is globally distributed across 11 countries and…

February Release Notes

February was an eventful month. JLo and Shakira had a memorable Super Bowl Halftime Show, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, and we shipped a much-anticipated feature, Snippets. Read on to learn what else is new this month. What’s New? SnippetsYou can now create reusable content Snippets and insert them into any message. Use Snippets…

How to use Snippets for Id Lookups

Alex Patton
Depending on the emails you’re sending or systems you are integrating with, you frequently have a value but need to find the id (or vice versa) from a static list. With‘s Snippets, you can use Liquid Logic to lookup a list of ids and their corresponding values. For this example, we’re going to demonstrate…

Send an Automated Message to Intercom’s Chat Widget

Intercom is a popular live chat tool that lets your users talk in real-time to a customer support representative – frequently, companies will also use Intercom for in-app notifications. Using Intercom’s API and’s Webhook Action, you can trigger automated messages to specific users through the Intercom live chat widget. What you’ll need An Intercom…

January Release Notes

Alex Heurich
While we’re still trying to remember to write 2020 instead of 2019, read on to learn what new features we shipped in January. What’s New? Add Event Conditions to True/False BranchesIn the visual workflow builder, we added another way for you to further customize your messages. You can add event conditions based on whether the…

2019 in Review: 9 Features You Should Know

Alex Heurich
This year flew by, didn’t it? Looking back at 2019, we’re proud of the work we did to continue making the best marketing automation platform for you. We started the year by analyzing the cornerstone of our user experience, which lead to refreshing our entire interface. This gave us the foundation to reinvent our…

Sync with Salesforce Using Webhooks

Alex Patton
Salesforce is a popular tool that sales teams use to manage customer relationships. Frequently, there is a need to sync information between Salesforce and – that way, sales teams, and marketing teams can benefit from a complete view of their users. In this guide, you will learn how to authenticate into Salesforce, and then…

December Release Notes

Alex Heurich
December brings snow (for many), fun traditions, and the inevitable consumption of too many cookies. Keep reading to find out what we have been working on for you this month. What’s New? Duplicate Segments We know it’s a pain to recreate complex segment logic every time you want to target a different audience. That’s why…
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