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How to use Snippets for Id Lookups

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2019 in Review: 9 Features You Should Know

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Create Campaigns with Confidence

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A New Look for Customer.io

Customer.io 2018 In Review

New feature alert: Manual Segments

New feature alert: Data index!

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New feature alert: Multi-channel A/B Tests

New feature alert: Campaign tagging!

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Customer.io Hack Week

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Push notifications for iOS and Android

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25 Types of the Best Transactional Emails

Marketers, the GDPR Impacts You Too

Event Data: What You Need to Know

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Twilio SMS: Now with Alphanumeric Sender ID!

Conversions – now with time windows!

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Send Your Data into Customer.io with Zapier

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Customer.io is now timezone-aware!

Introducing responsive Layout Starters!

Introducing custom email headers

People search is back!

How to Figure Out Your Aha! Moment

Our Slack action is official!

New liquid, and custom URL parameters

Link tracking improvements

Control when people leave your campaigns

Delivery log improvements

Lifecycle Emails Gone Awry

Introducing Campaign Journeys

The Iceberg Theory of User Feedback

See every task in progress

More informative delays

New account onboarding

3 Cognitive Biases Stunting Your Growth

The Cost of Keeping Your Customers

How to Trigger Product Usage that Sticks

User Retention Emails, from Day 0 to Day 90

Managing Remote Work’s Double Edges

Introducing Read-Only and Author User levels

How to Power User Onboarding with Small Wins

Introducing Actions

Triggered Campaigns Major Upgrade

Our growing team

How to SMARTen Up Your Lifecycle Emails

Newsletters Refined

The 3-panel modern email composer

How Clearbit Conquered the Welcome Email

Triggered Campaigns Refined

Scale Trust, Not Lists

What’s in an FNAME?

Why You Should Use Video in Onboarding Emails

The Persuasion Playbook for Email Marketers

More Flexibility in Segments

5 Tactics to Fuel Retention and Slash Churn

Why Email Marketing Powers Your Business

Export Your Campaign Delivery Metrics

How to Win Back Your Lost Trial Leads

Stop Blasting Your Email

How Pairing Powers Remote Teams

How Asana Welcomes New Users

Email is User Experience

Exports Are Back!

How to Create Lifecycle Email Campaigns

Battle the Forces of New User Inertia

5 Email Marketing Lessons from Louis C.K.

Introducing Newsletter Scheduling

How to Get Your Customers to Love You

The Art of Personalized Persuasion

Adding Team Members to manage your account

Here’s what Customer.io did for you in 2014

How to Master the Clickworthy Subject Line

How to Steal like an Email Artist

5 Ways to Reverse the Curse of Knowledge

Get Over Perfect and Push Deploy Already

Beyond Quid Pro Quo

The story of Customer.io’s logo

Good marketing means no cold calls

Last Month In Support – August 2014

Why we don’t offer discounts

Karma based marketing – part deux

Break it down

Visual update to V3

Update to viewing people

Curiosity makes you a better marketer

Campaign Filtering

A/B test your transactional email

Email Logs

Exporting Your Data in Segments

Sending emails 4x faster

Customer.io’s Response to Heartbleed

Clarifying our privacy policy

Beat big businesses by owning your small size

Fairer Pricing

Open tracking in Gmail is now more accurate

Revenue grew 20x in 2013

Why does your business exist ?

How to hire freelance writers

Customer Profile: Rocketlease

What email looks like in 5 years

Product Update: A/B Testing + Delivery Window

Designing for Email

How to use emails to improve activation

The Email Design Conference

6x speed improvement for building segments

FDR’s fireside chats

Unscheduled downtime – July 20, 2013

Responsive Email Templates

Spam complaint rates


Take lots of small risks

Write great lifecycle emails

Bringing humanity back to customer support

Email Deliverability 101

How we’re doing, 1 year in.

Write Emails in Markdown

Results for the Surprise Personal Email

How are you different?

The Surprise Personal Email

Rules of thumb for writing emails

Giving your customers their own support rep

Responsive emails don’t have to be hard

Intro to Lifecycle Emails

How we’re doing – six months in

When should a CEO write support email?

How to get user feedback like a boss

The lizard brain — and email

The dumbest thing Customer.io has done