Data Pipelines

These APIs send source events—identify, track, group, etc—into, where you can route them to downstream destinations. The Data Pipelines API even supports Journeys.


Journeys has three APIs. The Track API helps you identify and track people. The App API provides ways to trigger broadcasts and return information about people in your workspace. And reporting webhooks return information that shows how your messages perform.

Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines helps you send information from your website, apps, and other sources into all kinds of destinations without writing your own integrations. You can make simple calls to our API and set up actions in multiple downstream destinations—including Journeys!

  • Identify people: Capture information about people and their traits.
  • Send events: Send your audience's activities to destinations that make sense of events.
  • Capture relationships: Use "group" calls to associate a person with an account, company, team—any grouping mechanism supported by your destinations.