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No more passive campaigns. See why ActiveCampaign customers are switching to for their customer engagement platform. Create data-driven push, email, SMS, in-app and webhook campaigns in one seamless workflow. Set up event triggers based on user interaction and send relevant content to leads and customers. Our data-first approach allows you to easily access and use your own data with no limits. 

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Top reasons companies choose over ActiveCampaign

Mobile SDK
Mobile push notifications
Mobile in-app messages
Unlimited event creation + usage
Connected forms
Anonymous events
Batch updates
Data collections
Workflow metrics
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Built to scale

From early-stage startups to public companies, is architected to meet your needs.

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Compliance made easy

Ensure that all your security standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA are being met.

How wins

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Multi-channel messaging

Streamline your campaigns across email, SMS, in-app, push, and webhooks seamlessly within a centralized platform. In contrast, ActiveCampaign confines messaging channels primarily to email and SMS, necessitating the use of multiple additional single-channel solutions for in-app messages and push notifications when constructing multi-channel campaigns.

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Data-first approach to messaging

Unlock the power of a purpose-built, data-first platform with, tailored for marketers. Activate your data effortlessly with advanced features such as custom objects, webhook-triggered campaigns, and anonymous tracking—features available across all plans. ActiveCampaign has severely restricted segmentation conditions, allowing only 20 conditions across all campaigns, and a mere five behavior-based conditions. This inhibits ActiveCampaign users in effectively segmenting audiences and sending personalized marketing messages.

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Robust and flexible campaign builder

Experience the freedom to build campaigns without limitations using, where unlimited and custom event triggers empower you to send campaigns based on numerous profile attributes, events, or actions. ActiveCampaign customers are confined to just 30 event-based triggers per account. This limitation imposes constraints on the types of campaigns they can run and the flexibility in their communication strategies with customers.

Illustration of a workflow

Across all of our events we send close to 1000 unique event properties to They offer us the unique opportunity to leverage all of these properties to further personalize our email campaigns resulting in higher open and click rates. Other tools did not allow for this and it would require expensive additional development time to get all the relevant data to be available in our campaigns.

Lucas van den Houten, Cofounder of StuDocu

With the flexibility and interoperability of, we’ve been able to build some truly insane and elaborate onboarding flows. We’re sending webhooks, moving people down different paths, A/B testing, adding dynamic content with liquid, and automatically segmenting based on where the user came from.

Ammon Brown, VP of Growth at

Messaging frequency is key for our strategy. We can’t email our customers daily, so increasing frequency with a multi-channel strategy is how we can scale message volume. The conversion rates prove that strategy is working.

Ugo Iwuchukwu, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Bamboo