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Ad Audience Sync

No more needless busywork. No more CSVs.
Use to keep your segments and ad audiences automatically in sync.

ad audience sync

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Prepare Your Business for Ad Targeting without Cookies uses Google’s Customer Match to create ad audiences, not cookies. That means your business will be ready when Google ends cookie-based ad targeting. automatically creates audiences in Google Ads populated with users from your segments. Google Ads will match your users, based on their email addresses, to users in Google’s Ad Network. When users enter or exit your segments, will automatically add or remove them from the ad audience. No manual work required.


Use Cases

Stop Wasting Time With CSV Uploads

Build real-time segments that group your users based on their traits, events, page views, or sent message and we’ll keep that list synced hourly with the ad networks you choose.

Show More Relevant Retargeting Ads

Show your retargeting audiences new ad campaigns based on the data you have at the given time. One size fits all page-view retargeting is no longer good enough.

Lower CPA With Exclusion Audiences

Prevent wasted impressions from inflating your cost per acquisition (CPA) by excluding audiences that do not need to see your ad. For example, stop showing ads the moment someone becomes a customer.

Improve Lookalike Ad Campaign Performance

Create a segment of your most valuable customers, and Ad Audiences will continuously sync that segment with the custom audience connected to your lookalike ad campaign.

Supported Ad Networks

Toggle on Facebook Ad Sync, and we’ll continuously sync users from the selected segment to an associated customer list in assets > audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Toggle on Google Ad Sync, and we’ll continuously sync users from the selected segment to an associated customer list in tools > audience manager of your Google Ads account.

Toggle on Facebook Ad Sync, and we’ll continuously sync users from the selected segment to an associated customer list. Make sure you choose edit placements > Instagram in your Facebook Ads Manager account. 

Toggle on Google Ad Sync, and we’ll continuously sync users from the selected segment to an associated customer list. Make sure you select customer match audience > YouTube in your Google Ads account.’s ad audiences tool is especially beneficial on Facebook where we’re paying for each impression –– it allows us to be much more accurate and efficient with our spend.

Alli Hobbs Senior Data Manager at PurpleCarrot

Case Studies

Learn how Purple Carrot saved ad spend and lowered CAC in under 30 days

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Mailgun reduced time spent managing paid ad campaigns by 50%

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ad Audience Sync work?’s Ad Audience Sync allows you to use our segmentation to create ad audiences on Facebook and Google. Our segments are populated in real-time and synced on an hourly basis so that your audiences remain as accurate and true as possible – without the need for any manual work. Additionally, you can retarget customers based on Mobile Advertising ID (IDFA or AAID) or an email address.

How do I set up Ad Audience Sync?

There is no additional code required. Simply grant access to each network within the platform. You can read our setup guide here.

How is Ad Sync different from the competition?

Most custom audience syncing services have you configure a connection to the ad network and manually runs a job that processes a list and pushes users to an audience manager Facebook. Each time you’d like to update Facebook, you need to manually trigger that job to run. does this for you, hourly. Set it up once and forget about it, your segment will stay 1:1 with your ad network audience every 60 minutes.

What type of match rate should I expect?

It depends on the network and the type of user profiles you have, whether they are B2B (lower match rate) or B2C (higher match rate). Trying testing your Segment with various networks, and see where it performs best.

Do I still need a tracking pixel to do retargeting?

It depends. Ad Audience Sync can substitute the need for a tracking pixel for known users so you can retarget without needing to configure tracking pixels. However, if you’re retargeting to unknown users, you’ll still need that pixel.

How many ad networks can I sync to a single segment?

Each segment can continuously sync to one or multiple ad networks.

How is my customer data kept private?

We use a SHA256 hashing algorithm to ensure that your customer data remains private.

How do I get the most value out of this tool?

Most of our customers are using ad audiences to save time and improve the efficiency of their spend. This includes things like automating exclusion audiences of current customers to prevent wasted spend. Some customers are extending email automation campaigns to Facebook and Google based on a user’s interaction with that campaign. You can also use this tool to keep your lookalike audiences fresh and improve performance. If you’re interested in the specifics, check out the case studies above to see how some of our customers are doing awesome things with Ad Audience Sync.

Anyone who has paid media campaigns and uses HAS to use this feature –– you’d be crazy not to –– it’s a no brainer.

Nick Lafferty Head of Growth Marketing @ Mailgun by Pathwire