About Us

Customer.io strengthens the relationship between subscription businesses and their customers by sending meaningful messages at the time they're most likely to be engaged. 

Our Mission

Power automated communication that people like to receive. 

People use Customer.io to automate and gain efficiency, but automation is usually cold and inhuman. We strive to make automation human and valued by the people on the receiving end of it.

Our Team

Colin Nederkoorn


John Allison


Stephen Young

Backend Engineer - Team Lead

Livia-Alexandra Sarban

QA Engineer

Matthew Newhook

VP of Engineering, DPO

Ian Dawes

Senior Scaling Engineer - Team Lead

Jesse Appleby

Director of Inside Sales

Sonja Beardsley

Director of Operations

Jatin Nagpal

Scaling Engineer

Kate White

Product Manager

Joe Purdy

Site Reliability Engineer

Brandi Young

Technical Support Engineer

Dan Schales

Technical Support Engineer

Mitchell Wright

Account Executive

Lefteris Zafiris

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Team Lead

Kevin Kucharczyk

Senior Front-End Engineer - Team Lead

Brian Thomas

VP of Product

Mike Auldredge

Senior Technical Support Engineer - Deliverability

Swastik Agarwal

Frontend Engineer

Waqas Younas

Engineering Manager QA

John Byrne

Senior Controller

Matt Brockman

Backend Engineer

Zack Newbauer

Account Executive

Jon Hawkins


Natalie Onions

Customer Success Manager - Team Lead

Travis Ehrenstrom

Technical Support Engineer

Kyle Kramer

Business Development Manager, Partnerships

Abby LeClair

Customer Success Manager

Alexander Patton

Director of Marketing Operations

Lacey Budd

Director of Marketing

Adrian Zalewski

Frontend Engineer

Madeline Pickering

Product Designer - Team Lead

Aaron Rich

Technical Support Engineer

Richard Hawkes

Product Designer

Zack Moore

Frontend Engineer

Will Clayton

Principal Data Analyst

Gin King

Billing Manager

José Luís Martínez de la Riva Manzano

Senior Backend Engineer

Brendan Fortune

Principal Product Manager

Cody Stover

Business Development Representative

Gladys Khakimova

Customer Success Manager

Nico Atienza

Customer Success Manager

Alyssa Welch

Business Development Representative

Leon Stafford

Marketing Engineer


Senior Product Manager

April Smith

Backend Engineer

Heather Choy

People Operations Manager

Soris Cox

Internal Tooling Engineer

Huihui Yang

Site Reliability Engineer

Shannon Utter

Market Development Researcher

Robert Brewer

Market Development Researcher

Stewart Johnston

Site Reliability Engineer

Mike Engel

Senior Frontend Engineer

Annie Cocchia

Senior Product Designer

Alex Heurich

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Kendall Gibson

Account Executive

Contact Us

We're headquartered in the historic Pittock Block in downtown Portland, Oregon.

921 SW Washington Street
Suite 820
Portland, Oregon, 97205

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