Pricing for every stage of growth

For startups and small teams engaging customers on their mobile and web apps.

$100 per month

purple check mark  Up to 5,000 profiles included *
purple check mark  Send Emails, Push, In-App, and SMS
purple check mark  Visual Workflow Builder
purple check mark  Segmentation

purple check mark  Two Workspaces
purple check mark  Email Support
purple check mark Community Support

*$0.009 per additional profile.

For high-growth companies looking for greater control over their messaging outcomes.

Everything in Essentials, plus:

purple check mark  Custom Data + Message Volume
purple check mark  Premium Product Features
purple check mark  Additional Workspaces
purple check mark  90-day Onboarding Program
purple check mark  Premium Email & Chat Support
purple check mark  Managed Deliverability
purple check mark  Dedicated IPs
purple check mark  Parcel Pro Licenses
purple check mark  HIPAA Compliance

For at-scale companies looking to create world-class customer experiences.

Everything in Premium, plus:

purple check mark  Managed Infrastructure *
purple check mark  Customer Success Manager
purple check mark  Quarterly Success Reviews
purple check mark  Enterprise Technical Support
purple check mark  Audit Logging & Data Governance *
purple check mark  Parcel Business Licenses
purple check mark  Migration Support *

*Available by consultation.

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Headshot of Lauren

 Having a dedicated CSM has been really important for us. It’s nice having a go-to person to troubleshoot rather than having to email support and explain your problems to multiple people. It honestly feels like a partnership, which is nice.

Lauren Triano I Sr. Manager, CRM, Billie

Frequent questions and their answers .

How many team members can I add to my account?

As many as you want! In fact, we encourage all team members to use for consistent messaging across all of your product and marketing sends. 

How quickly can I start using my account?

If you sign up today, you can start integrating and adding data to immediately. To help combat spam and fraud, we manually review each account before any outbound messages can be sent. This helps maintain our reputation and protects all of our customers.

Where do you store customer data?

Our customers can choose where they would like to store their data, in a US or EU data center, during sign-up.

Does own the data I put into the system?

Nope! Your data stays your data. You’re letting us use it in order to deliver a service to you. Please read our privacy policy for more info.

Does charge extra for data usage or storage?

Not a chance. We happily store all of your data, so whenever you are looking to run advanced analysis in your BI tools, you’ll have immediate access to anything that’s ever happened in your account. Our competitors don’t do this, or they charge a premium.

What are my payment options?

For monthly subscriptions, we offer payment by credit card only. If you choose to pay annually, you have the option to be invoiced via ACH or Wire.

How do you calculate my bill?

We charge you based on the maximum number of uniquely identified users (profiles) in your account. On the anniversary of your subscription, we will charge the method of payment on file in $USD. We include a million messages per month on the essentials plan, any messages above that will be charged at a nominal rate.

Do you offer professional services?

We have a collection of certified agency partners who can help with everything from writing the code for just one email to migrating your entire messaging strategy. Ask your sales representative for more information.