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  • Send messages across email, push notifications, and SMS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Your data stays your data. You're letting us use it in order to deliver a service to you. Please read our Privacy Policy for more info.

On our basic plan, we have a fair use policy of up to 1 million messages per month. This should make it effectively unlimited for 99.9% of you.

If you sign up today, you can start integrating and adding to immediately. To help combat spam and fraud, we manually review each account before any outbound messages can be sent. That helps maintain our reputation and protects all of our customers.

We charge you based on the high water mark (the maximum) for number of uniquely identified People (your users / customers / leads) in your account during the month. Each month on the anniversary of your subscription, we will charge the credit card on file.

Yes. Paying by check, wire transfer, or gold doubloons are all possible with a premium plan.

What our customers say

" lets us personalize our customer communication like nothing we have used before. The combination of their segmenting tools, clean API, and ability to import our own external data is phenomenally good."Matt Sornson
Head of Growth Marketing
"I never run into situations where I think something isn’t possible to do with, I can always adjust everything just the way I want it, and what I want to do is always possible."Marnix Broer
Co-founder of Studocu
"For a recurring-revenue business, where ongoing communication is key to retention and referral, a tool like is essential to success."Michael Kolowich
Founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision
"Using has been awesome in helping conversions. Our conversion rate from free trial to paying member was 6% before using, and now it’s around 22%."Marcus Smith
Founder of Hey Jude
"I love, love, love You enable us to make more informed decisions, improve our acquisition funnels, and aggregate customer data."Sean Pfitzenmaier
Co-founder of Timeshel
" opens up a lot of possibilities for us to communicate with customers, test different ideas, and find what really works."Claire Zhang
Director of Growth, Journy

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