Customer Success Services

Strategize. Optimize. Grow. 
Our team of dedicated Customer Success Managers are committed to educating and empowering you with the tools to meet your business goals. 

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Offerings For Success

We educate, collaborate, and advocate for your success.

Dedicated Success Manager

From the initial platform integration to building complex retention campaigns, your dedicated CSM will be counseling you every step of the way. 

Deliverability Support

To make sure you maintain a healthy deliverability reputation score, your CSM provides continuous support and guidance.

Strategic Planning

Let the creative juices start flowing. We’ll work together to design highly effective acquisition and retention campaigns to meet your roadmap and benchmark goals.

Technical Integration

Our team of experts will make sure you have a smooth transition to’s platform. With a well-defined migration and integration process, we guarantee you will launch your first campaign in 90-days or less.  

Product Adoption provides a structured onboarding program to quickly get acquainted with the product’s tools, terminology, and documentation.

Feature Insight

Be the first to learn what we’re building at, and how it can help your business grow. From beta features to new features, your CSM will provide hands-on training to ensure a seamless rollout.

We’ve Got You Covered

12-Month Messaging Strategy
Learn from monthly deep-dive calls and Quarterly Business Reviews to improve initiatives, optimize campaign strategies, and leverage insights.

Technical Support
Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t offer different levels of technical support. Everyone is entitled to premium support and a 2-hour SLA for urgent matters during normal business hours.

Feature Request Escalation
All you need to do is ask. We’ll prioritize the features you need most.

Competitor Reports
Find out how similar businesses are running their messaging strategies.

“Our CSM has been freaking amazing to work with. I’ve never had anybody in a customer support type position that has been super helpful like she has.”

Stephanie Vazquez, Email Marketing Specialist at Fixd Repair

“’s account management, nimbleness, and adaptability have been second to none. Not only are new features being rolled out constantly, our Account Manager has operated like a consultant in terms of optimum integration and ways of using new features to achieve our business goals.”

Tomas Burke, Head of Marketing at WhiteHat

“Having a dedicated CSM has been really important for us. It’s nice having a go-to person to troubleshoot rather than having to email support and explain your problems to multiple people. It honestly feels like a partnership, which is nice.”

Lauren Triano, Senior Manager, CRM at Billie