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Visual Workflow builder

Complex workflows; logically built.

Our visual workflow builder is a blank canvas for your ideas. Drag and drop messages, time delays, webhooks, and branches to create engaging customer experiences. Leave notes inline for yourself and your teammates.

Workflow Hero
Go on. Try it out for yourself:

Clarity At-A-Glance

Our visual workflow builder was built with clarity in mind. Every critical piece of your workflow is visible from the main page, providing clarity to stakeholders and new team members instantly.

Intuitive to Build

Your customer journey can be complex. Our workflow editor lets you build and visualize that complexity in an intuitive drag and drop interface. Combine messages to your users, including emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS with segment-triggered Wait Until Delays and internal notifications with Slack all in one campaign.

One Campaign, Many Branches

Unlike other visual workflow builders, allows you to split your campaign in two with true/false conditional statements, or into many by using event data, user attributes, or segments. Branching has never been easier or more powerful.

“We’ve long needed the ability to create advanced nurture flows that can send our contacts down more personalized paths. ”

Michael Roberts Head of Marketing Automation at CloudApp