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Convert Leads Into Paying Customers

Customize and define how you represent your brand and voice in every stage of your lifecycle engagement.

Manage Leads and Customers in One Workspace allows you to add people by ID and/or email and update those identifiers later. And no, it doesn’t require any fancy profile merging!

Easily manage leads and customers in the same workspace and maintain a person’s history as they graduate from a lead to a customer.

Select how you'd like to identify people (id only or email/id)
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Nurture Your Relationships

All you need is an email address to connect with your audience and deliver the information they care about. Using’s data-driven segmentation and trigger conditions, you can automatically send personalized messages to each Lead based on their behavioral actions in your app.

Facebook Lead Ads

You’ve already caught their attention, and now you have to keep it. Integrate your Facebook Lead forms directly into and start messaging your leads so you can convert them to customers or users.

  • Create new profiles on Lead Ad submission

  • Populate profile attributes from form fields

  • Trigger campaigns on Lead Ad submission 

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Integration Only Takes Minutes

Start sending messages people like to receive in just a few clicks. Choose how you want to get your people into, and we’ll give you the tools to deliver the best message. 

Facebook Lead Ads
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Manage the Narrative From Day One

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Unified Profile View

Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter or a webinar follow-up email, allows you to track and monitor every message you ever sent down to the individual profile. No more over-sending or duplicating messages. You can now control the number of messages a person can receive. 

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Less Tools, More Control

Why manage multiple marketing tools when you can use one that does it all? From leads to lifecycle marketing to transactional emails,’s platform supports every user touchpoint. 

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Reallocate Resources

While gives you the tools and flexibility to build complex workflows, you don’t need to know how to write code to use Go ahead and put your engineers on another project because you can import a CSV and start sending campaigns and newsletters immediately after sign up.