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Transactional emails

Take control of transactional

Use transactional messages to build stronger relationships with your brand. Trigger fast and reliable password resets, order receipts, and more – using the same styles as your marketing messages.

Transactional UI

Partition Transactional Messages for Optimal Delivery

With, you have a dedicated lane to create and send your transactional messages independent of your marketing messages. This ensures your product updates, nurture campaigns, and whatever else you choose to send from will never negatively impact your deliverability reputation, speed of delivery, or inbox placement.


Infrastructure uptime

300+ mil.

API requests processed per day

480+ mil.

Messages sent per month

Do More With Fewer Resources

Keep the momentum going and only pull in development resources when you really need them. Our platform empowers marketers to create, send, and easily modify transactional emails and push notifications on their own. No, seriously, you don’t have to rely on developers to make changes in the code anymore.

  • Forgot a variable like customer.first_name? Add it yourself.

  • Need to change a layout? Without delay, edit and save.

  • Notice you’re using the wrong snippet? Easily replace it.

Consistent Branding Everywhere

You’ve already done the hard work. Take advantage of your existing layouts, styles, and content assets in and apply them to your transactional messages. Plus, you can leverage your customer data by personalizing your messages using liquid or pass additional variables in your API call.

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Customer data
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Content assets
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Trigger data
Using liquid for personalization


A better experience for everyone

Implementation is easy and only takes minutes

No events. No campaigns. Just send us one API call, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll generate the necessary code for all the popular frameworks and provide sample data to guide you every step of the way.

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Showing profile "activity" details

See a person’s entire messaging journey

Whether it’s your most recent newsletter or a password reset email, view every message a person has received and how they engaged with it.

Pro Tip: Supercharge your other campaigns by using engagement data to make more strategic decisions.

Complete picture of overall performance and trends

Stop wasting time and searching through different tools in an attempt to find answers. With, you have access to all of your message metrics right in front of you, in one location. View, compare and analyze metrics to quickly identify a shift in patterns.

Pro Tip: Move beyond delivery and start thinking about “How can I improve this message?

Best of all, it’s no extra cost

There are no additional fees, no “add-ons” and no hidden costs. Go ahead and check your receipt. Transactional messaging is included in all of our plans. Simply integrate to start sending alongside your other marketing messages.


The flexibility and control you’ve come to expect

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Deliverability you can count on

We understand reliability and deliverability are essential to reach users’ inboxes. Our deliverability experts set up dedicated sending lanes to keep your marketing messages separate from your transactional messages. Plus, as an extra layer of security, our distributed infrastructure sustains a 99.5% uptime.

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Manage your content your way

With our API, you can send us fully rendered HTML or pass custom variables. For optimal content control and support, reuse existing layouts and email templates in

By leveraging snippets, you can update a logo or an address in one step!

illustration of a pencil and paper

Queue messages as drafts while you fine-tune content

Just like any other automated message in, when you set messages to Queue Draft, we generate a draft rather than sending that message automatically. You can spend as much time as you need to make sure your message is looking just the way you want.

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Conceal sensitive content for your security and compliance

Conceal sensitive content in your messages for SOC 2 , HIPAA, and GDPR compliance. A simple toggle will prevent from retaining sensitive data, like password reset tokens.