Export Your Data, Your Way.

Customer.io gives you everything you need to manually or programmatically export your user data.

The Choice is Yours

Customer.io’s platform offers numerous options to export user data to your warehouse of choice without using a third-party tool. Automatically export your performance, campaign, event, and attribute data using our data warehouse sync, API, or webhooks. Or, if you prefer, you can export your data to a CSV file. We mean it when we say, the choice is yours.

Data Warehouse Sync

Automatically send the latest Customer.io dataset to your data warehouse without using a third-party ETL tool. Within minutes, you can query and visualize your user record tables and campaign performance without writing a line of code.

   No coding required


Use our simple API and build a script of your choosing to automate your data export and delivery metrics to your preferred reporting tool (e.g. Google Sheets or your internal data warehouse).

   Moderate coding required

Reporting Webhooks

Build reliable and comprehensive reporting systems with activity webhooks. By sending webhooks directly to your data warehouse or through another service, such as Segment or Zapier, you will have access to a real-time stream of metric updates.

   Minimal coding required

CSV Export

Introduce Customer.io data into your internal reporting tools through CSV exports. Consume user attributes, event data, mobile device IDs, last_used timestamps, platforms, delivery metrics, and delivery metadata.

   No coding required