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Build intricate, multi-step customer journeys all within one intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder. Create engaging customer experiences without needing support from technical teams.

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Visual Workflow Builder

Create your own workflow 

Try out our drag-and-drop interface for yourself.

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Customer journey

Intuitive to build 

Your customer journey can be complex, but building your campaigns doesn’t need to be. Our visual workflow builder, designed for ease of use, lets you create with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Use this feature to design your ideal customer journey. Leave sticky notes for yourself and your team to boost collaboration. Every essential part of your automation flow is clearly visible on the main interface, eliminating guesswork.

Campaign execution
Campaign execution

Automate personalization at scale 

Using behavioral data, create targeted cross-channel campaigns to enhance the customer experience.

  • Send messages to your audience through emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS.

  • Use conditional logic such as wait until delays and multi-split branches, all within a single campaign.

  • Customize in real time using campaign triggers based on segments, events, dates, custom objects, and more.

Complex workflows

One journey, multiple paths 

Guide your audience down unique paths shaped by their interactions with your brand and messages throughout their customer journey. Branching has never been easier or more powerful.

Personalize customer journeys

Create multi-split branches based on message channel preferences or conduct an A/B test to determine which subject line engages better.

Increase message engagement

Use time windows to ensure emails only hit inboxes during peak office hours. And leverage time delays to create space between messages.

Visual workflow builder features 

Multi-channel campaigns

Email, push, in-app, SMS, Slack, and webhooks

Campaign triggers

Segment, event, form, relationship, date, webhook

A/B testing

Optimize messages and monitor performance

Time delays

Determine the timing of messages in campaigns


True/false, multi-split, and random cohort branching

Queue drafts

QA messages and conditions before anything is sent live

Analytics + metrics

View message performance directly in your workflow

Time window

Configure specific days of the week and time ranges

Wait until

Hold messages until conditions or max time is met

Export workflow as an image

Download a PNG to easily share your workflow with others

Copy items

Build logic once and use across workflows and workspaces

Sticky notes

Leave notes for yourself and others


Trigger internal Slack notifications

Update data

Create and update people or do batch updates to group changes

Webhook actions

Send and receive data within an automated campaign

Conversion goals

Set ideal behavior to determine message success


Campaign builder guides 

Discover use cases and examples from our customers on building workflows.

Customers love us

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It allows us to visualize the whole campaign straightaway, and when it comes to analyzing a campaign by itself, I never need to do that on a workflow separately from

Thibaut Davoult
Thibaut DavoultHead of Growth

We've long needed the ability to create advanced nurture flows that can send our contacts down more personalized paths.

Michael Roberts
Michael RobertsHead of Marketing Automation
Dolphin Technologies can do what other marketing automation tools can’t—take in millions of events from users per day, segment through them almost instantly, and use any campaign action imaginable to create workflows.

Gerald Aichholzer
Gerald AichholzerDigital Marketing Executive

Now we have all of the data and tools we need, which enables us to quickly build [gift notification emails] in the campaign builder with no additional engineering support required.

Wendy Zhang
Wendy ZhangSenior Program Manager

We were blown away by our ability to have marketers create complex automations without having to get too technical. We also have engineers in the platform and love that both departments can easily execute their visions.

Ido Schachter
Ido SchachterR&D Tech Lead

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