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Build long-lasting relationships

Send campaigns, newsletters, and transactional emails that resonate with your audience.

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Stand out in the inbox

Content that converts 

Craft compelling emails that seamlessly blend text and imagery, unlocking unique engagement possibilities.

Drag-and-drop email builder

Allow non-technical marketers to move quickly with email content creation needs in a familiar and intuitive drag-and-drop environment.

Code from scratch

Gain granular control over your email content with our robust HTML code builder powered by Parcel. Develop effective and scalable email design systems that your team can trust.

Timing matters

Control is at your fingertips 

Email marketing automation

Automated, on-time delivery

Leverage campaigns to create automated email touchpoints that build relationships on your behalf. Whether a single email or a series, let automation take the wheel so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Evergreen and predictable messaging

Maintain a consistent presence in your subscriber's inbox with regular broadcasts and keep your messaging timely and relevant, whether it's a one-time product update or an API-triggered alert.

Optimally timed, perfectly positioned

Ensure precise timing and strategic placement of your automated touchpoints and broadcasts. Customize time delays, sending constraints, and wait until qualifications to deliver content when your audience is most likely to engage.


Advanced segmentation 

Avoid sending batch and blast campaigns when you can deliver personalized messages at scale.

  • Group your users into segments or trigger messaging based on critical moments in your customer's lifecycle using events.

  • Personalize messaging with key data points such as the recipient’s first name, upcoming dates, or alternate attributes.

  • Display dynamic content based on a subscriber's relationship to an object.

Email metrics

Metrics that matter 

Don’t get bogged down with meaningless data— surfaces metrics that help you better understand your audience.

  • Understand how your content performs once it lands in your subscriber's inbox with email engagement data like open and click-through rates.

  • Assign conversion events to track the downstream impact of your email campaigns.

  • Clearly understand your delivery status to uncover what might prevent your emails from reaching the inbox.

  • Analyze email client breakdown across popular inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail to enhance your content.

Email features 

Drag-and-drop editor

Quickly build campaigns in a familiar interface

Code editor

Craft unique emails with HTML and CSS

Accessibility checker

Review the accessibility of your emails

Dynamic content

Personalize messages with Liquid using attributes

AMP for email

Create interactive, dynamic emails

Forced dark mode

Emulate dark mode to understand your email's impact


Capture and share email design screenshots with stakeholders

Link validation

Ensure all links are working and going to the right pages

Image validation

Check that all your images are loading, secure, and optimized

Problem checker

Identify and resolve HTML and CSS issues

A/B testing

Optimize messages and monitor performance


Manage message localization preferences

Subscription center

Store user preferences for targeted emails

Conversion events

Track key engagement milestones


Create robust automations with the visual workflow builder


Send one-off newsletters and API-triggered messages


Dedicated for Premium and Enterprise plans

Custom SMTP

Set up a custom email sending and internet protocols

Bounce reporting

In-depth bounce reports for deliverability troubleshooting

Deliverability monitoring

A dedicated team to help uncover and resolve any issues


Master email marketing 

Explore best practices, expert tips, and guides or an effective email marketing strategy.

Customers love us

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The appeal of is that it makes our lives so much easier. We were using a ton of different tools before and now with, we don’t have to spend hours configuring different emails. We can drag and drop, easily make campaigns, and all of our emails live in one centralized place where we can have anyone on our team access and configure campaigns and broadcasts.

Ben Spring
Ben SpringCo-Founder

At the end of the day, we’re trying to deliver exactly what the customer wants. By using event conversions and segments, we’re giving them what they need and what they expect to get.

Matt Hayes
Matt HayesEmail Marketing Manager
Studocu has been really great because we’ve been able to automatically set up when a campaign goes out based on our specific user's timezone, giving us the highest opportunity for success.

Martine Peeters
Martine PeetersMarketing and Communications Manager

Using has boosted our numbers in every imaginable way—from audience growth to engagement to conversion. They are literally helping us change lives around with world.

Grace Garey
Grace GareyCo-founder

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