Data-driven segmentation

Strategically group audiences

Drive engagement and conversions with a data-driven segmentation engine that's easy to use no matter how technical you are. Leverage first-party data for dynamic customer grouping and personalized messaging at scale.

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Data-driven segmentation
Personalized automation

Target with specificity 

Remove limits on segmentation by using real-time customer data and unlimited behavioral conditions for recipient lists, campaign triggers, filters, conversion goals, and more.

Personalized automation
Personalized automation background image

Flexible building experience

Group people by personal attributes, pages they view, what they do in your product, or any other data you send to

Unified profile view

Gain insights into user behavior with comprehensive event and attribute data, tracking engagements, received messages, and more.

Analyze performance

Monitor your audience metrics and explore how the membership count in your segments changes in real-time.

Ad audience sync

Turn segments into ad audiences 

Save time and money by syncing your segments to your ad network of choice. Retarget users seamlessly and show your best ads to valued customers.

Meta Ads

Easily sync selected segments to customer lists on Facebook and Instagram.

Google Ads

Leverage Google’s Customer Match to create YouTube and Google ad audiences without cookies.

List automation

Avoid manual CSV uploads— syncs lists hourly.

Retargeting ads

Utilize behavioral data to create tailored win-back ads.

Lower CPA

Automatically exclude customers from user acquisition campaigns.

Improve lookalike ad campaign performance

Show your ads to the right people by creating a segment of your most valuable customers and syncing it to your lookalike ad campaign.

Identity Resolution

Merge customer and lead profiles  

Don’t delete and lose valuable historical data. Combine and resolve duplicate profiles.

Set primary and secondary persons

When merging two people, designate the 'primary' profile to be retained and the 'secondary' profile to be removed.

Associate the anonymous with the known

Begin logging events prior to user sign up or log in to personalize messaging and accurately associate events.

Personalize onboarding

Backfill data once an anonymous user becomes an identified user. Leverage that data to customize their first experience with your product.


Data-driven segmentation strategies 

Learn how to power your audience segmentation strategy with real-time data, which you can also use for re-engagement ad campaigns.

Customers love us

Preferred by product-led companies 

WIN Reality

I’ve worked with many ESPs in my career, and I’ve never seen such robust segmentation and branching logic before. It’s been so critical in setting up our customer communications. Basically, anything is possible with the right logic in, which is amazing for a data and analytics-driven team.

Madi Sacks
Madi Sacks Director of Lifecycle Marketing
PurpleCarrot’s ad audiences tool is especially beneficial on Facebook where we’re paying for each impression –– it allows us to be much more accurate and efficient with our spend.

Alli Hobbs
Alli HobbsSenior Data Manager

The biggest change we’ve made is our audience segmentation. We’re now seeing which audiences are performing well and increasing budgets accordingly, and decreasing spend where we haven’t seen as much success. It’s allowed us to spend more strategically and efficiently.

Kunal Arya
Kunal AryaPerformance Marketing Manager

I love the ease of segmentation. Whether it’s an action they have taken in the platform or a message they have already received to create personalized campaigns.

Jackie Way
Jackie WayLifecycle Marketing Manager
Motion Math allows us to segment new signups based on their remaining action items and send our teachers finely tailored guidance based on their real-time status.

Brendan Appold
Brendan AppoldDirector of Classroom Success
Soundview Communications

What really makes stand out is your focus on data. You make it easy to get the data we need, whether it’s sending it in or getting it out. The cherry on top is we can leverage our data to dynamically personalize our segmentation efforts and messaging.

Marc Messer
Marc MesserDirector of Digital Marketing

As a SaaS company ourselves, we rely heavily on technology. was the easy choice to go with because of it’s clear ability to scale with our company.

Carl Winans
Carl WinansCo-Founder and CEO

We’re sending webhooks, moving people down different paths, A/B testing, adding dynamic content with Liquid, and automatically segmenting based on where the user came from.

Ammon Brown
Ammon BrownVP of Growth

I created a segment for people who had asked for a feature we were launching. Those emails perform really well because people know that we’re paying attention to what they've asked for.

Heloisa Assis
Heloisa AssisMarketing Manager

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