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How Livestorm increased their monthly G2 reviews by 135%

Livestorm’s end-to-end video engagement platform is changing the face of online events. Meetings, webinars, conferences, and more — Livestorm makes it easy for organizations to create wow-worthy live experiences online. From bleeding-edge startups to enterprise giants like Sony, the platform connects brands anywhere with audiences everywhere.

Livestorm’s customers are organizations, but each has multiple teammates using the platform. There’s where automated messaging gets tricky: targeting the right emails to the right people within an organization’s workspace can require complex workflows.

But with some clever strategies and’s flexible features, they’ve achieved some impressive recent wins:

  • 135% increase in monthly G2 reviews
  • 36% conversion rate for billing emails
  • Real-time data updates for every individual 

Social proof boost: 135% increase in monthly G2 reviews

Livestorm’s tried-and-true G2 review campaign, which used NPS scores to trigger a campaign inviting promoters to submit reviews, had been performing well for years. 

But the growth team had a fresh idea for boosting the number of reviews: invite promoters’ teammates to submit reviews as well. The team hypothesized that those people in an organization were also having a great experience on the platform.

Using’s powerful segmentation engine and visual workflow builder, they brought promoters’ teammates into the existing G2 campaign.

The result: The average number of G2 reviews per month more than doubled (it rose 135%, to be precise: from about 17 to 40), and their average rating remained impressively high.

“I really appreciate the experience of creating a campaign. It allows us to visualize the whole campaign straightaway, and when it comes to analyzing a campaign by itself, I never need to do that on a workflow separately from”

Thibaut Davoult, Head of Growth, Livestorm

Churn abatement: 36% billing email conversion rate

The risk of churn always goes up when bills come due, and the danger is especially high with multiple users in a customer’s workspace. The growth team noticed that, in many cases, the account owner receiving billing emails was no longer an active Livestorm user. Often they had only been involved with initial account set-up, so these critical messages were no longer going to an engaged recipient. 

The team decided to level up the billing campaign by casting a wider net. In addition to their billing system firing an email to the account owner, they used to message all teammates in a Livestorm workspace, and included a powerful call-to-action: don’t lose access to your account!

The result: The revised campaign was a resounding success. They now see an average open rate of 68% and a 36% conversion rate. 

“ expands a lot of possibilities. You can push it really, really far.”

Thibaut Davoult, Head of Growth, Livestorm

Always-accurate data: real-time updates for every individual

Managing data for every customer organization and the many teammates within its workspace had traditionally been a challenge. When a customer upgraded its subscription, that data was only associated with certain individual contacts in — making it impossible to target the right messages to the right people across the organization.

So when released its new batch update feature, Livestorm jumped at the chance to integrate it into their workstreams. Now, they automatically update data for every teammate whenever the workspace subscription status changes.

The batch updates keep Livestorm’s data fresh and trigger appropriate onboarding campaigns for all an organization’s teammates, ensuring every individual user enjoys all the benefits of the platform. Doing it all in makes things simple and budget-friendly, since Livestorm doesn’t need to use additional tools in their tech stack. 

The result: Livestorm updated over half their audience in just a month, and are well on their way to updating every person with always-accurate data. They’re now poised to launch even more campaigns triggered by customer behavior.

“I’m often amazed by some feature I didn’t know was possible, or just the fact that you can send to web hooks or have API calls within the campaign.”

Thibaut Davoult, Head of Growth, Livestorm

Long-time partners for long-term growth has been Livestorm’s chosen marketing partner for over five years, helping the brand drive sales for its freemium model and even supporting internal notifications. 

Livestorm’s rapid growth requires tools that scale with them and make the learning curve easy to navigate, so they especially appreciate how easy it is for new team members to start using

“We’ve onboarded quite a few teammates at Livestorm, who had never used before, and I love how easy it is to get them up to speed on it.”

Thibaut Davoult, Head of Growth, Livestorm

So what’s next for Livestorm? Leveraging even more features, like in-app messaging and deep segmentation, to keep taking the world of video engagement by storm.