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3 Ways to Save Time with Dynamic Dates

Naomi West
As marketers, we use dates in our emails all the time, from basics like copyright lines to making content personal and timely with dates specific to a customer’s activity.  But keeping dates current in your campaigns can be a lot of manual work. Even a small change, like updating your footers, can take hours or e…

Front-End Engineering at

Savannah White
If you enjoy working on the front-end portion of websites and applications and want to join a remote team solving interesting problems, then could be the right fit for you. Front-end engineers at work on a range of exciting projects, including writing complex applications in JavaScript, maintai…

Rebranding? How Your Messaging Campaign Can Make or Break Customer Trust

Naomi West
Rebrand time! Here’s how to maintain positive subscriber relationships and avoid damaging your domain reputation as you unveil the new you.

How our remote company works on trust batteries

Savannah White
How much do you trust your co-workers? Can you truly rely on your team? At, we create opportunities for our team members to build a high level of trust in one another. When our fellow Amis (teammates) are happy and collaborative, they’re enabled to do their best work! Research supports this — workers at co…

Disability inclusion: How remote work saved my career

Elizabeth Tancreti
Did you know that for 96 percent of people with severe disabilities, their disability isn’t readily apparent? And nearly one in four adults lives with a cognitive, physical, or emotional disability. The unfortunate reality is that many of these individuals are barred from the workplace because there aren’t systems set…

Why the single source of truth is not the answer (for real-time use cases)

Matthew Newhook
The dream of a single source of truth might sound compelling, but it’s just that: a dream. And it’s not even the right dream.

Remote onboarding process for new hires

Savannah White
All companies offer an onboarding experience for new hires. The focus is usually on orienting new employees with company policies and work expectations. No one wants a stale, outdated, and lonely onboarding experience that focuses too much on policies and not enough on culture and connection.  Remote since 2013, …

A Woman’s Place is in Tech

Lacey Budd
VP of Engineering Kitt Caffall is on a mission to diversify Engineering teams, “The (tech) industry is more diverse than when I started, but not nearly as diverse as it should be.”

Running a Minimum Viable Climate Audit

It all started with a Slack message in our #random channel, as any good idea does. Over the last couple of years, our team at has felt increasingly anxious about climate change and eager to do what we can in every area of our lives. So I wondered, what can do?

Admin Fridays Are Happy Fridays

Rita Caetano
Does your to-do list keep getting longer even though you check things off? Do you struggle to manage your calendar? I’m Rita, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) at, and I want to share my experience in hopes it will help you as well.