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Running a Minimum Viable Climate Audit

It all started with a Slack message in our #random channel, as any good idea does. Over the last couple of years, our team at has felt increasingly anxious about climate change and eager to do what we can in every area of our lives. So I wondered, what can do?

Admin Fridays Are Happy Fridays

Rita Caetano
Does your to-do list keep getting longer even though you check things off? Do you struggle to manage your calendar? I’m Rita, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) at, and I want to share my experience in hopes it will help you as well. 

Restructuring and Rejuvenating the Sales Team at

Chris Parker
I joined in June of 2021 as the VP of Sales. With a rapidly growing sales team, I saw opportunities to improve our sales process and make the team more efficient to maintain our year-over-year growth.

Where in the US is John B?

Lacey Budd
John joined the company almost four years ago and decided to take to the road soon after. His travel companions include his wife Yvonne, dog Clancy, and friends and co-workers they meet along the way. John answered a few of our burning questions about what it’s like to live and work from an RV.

Starting My Dream Job at

Aman Kaur
Before Covid, I never considered working anywhere but in an office. Post-Covid, I realized there are many benefits to working remotely, including giving me more time to spend with my family, Being from India, I was concerned it would not be easy to find a remote job with a global company. I was happy to discover that …

The Engineering Team’s Fall 2021 Cleaning

Brian Sensale
Whenever I go on vacation, I like to spend a little time tidying up the house before I leave. There’s something to coming home to a messy house that just kills the relaxation you get from a bit of time away. That same principle applies when it comes to company retreats! recently held our Fall Virtual Retre…

5 Things I Learned From My Staycation Sabbatical

Kate White
When the operations team announced the new sabbatical benefit, I was only about a year away from being able to take advantage of it. My mind immediately envisioned a fantastic international traveling adventure. Then Covid hit. My travel visions were dialed back to an RV, cruising around the United States with my husband …

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities We Love

Alyssa Welch
Looking for some fun virtual activities and games? Our team has tried a lot and is here to share the ones we actually love and continue to use. If you’re a remote team, these are the most fun virtual team building activities we recommend.  Not all of these virtual team building activities cost money or require a …

Building Our Brand’s Visual Style

Richard Hawkes
Last month, we made a significant (and much-needed) update to our website. The visuals of our previous brand were outdated, generic, and forced. Our visual style was created by repurposing elements from our logo. We used primarily open-source illustration and icon libraries. The visuals did not represent our custome…

Can Product Designers Redesign a Brand?

We redesigned our website! It was no small feat, requiring months of work from our marketing and design teams. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s something I can be proud to share with customers and friends. When we started working on the redesign, we only had product designers, no brand designers, on the team. I…