4 Tips for Writing Email for Humans

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been guilty of sounding like a robot while writing a marketing email. Why do we do this? Well, reputation, for one thing. We don’t want ourselves (or our companies) to come across as too casual or flippant. Writing like a robot is safe and uncontroversial. Writing like a human can…

Spread Joy with Your Shipment Confirmation Emails

As an introvert, I’ll never get over the mind-boggling awesomeness that is online shopping. The mere fact that I can do all my research, compare prices, purchase my item, and have it delivered TO MY DOOR without having to step into a store or speak to anybody is just magical. One of the best moments in online shop…

Emails We Love: How TurboTax Makes Reminder Emails Sexy

Ahh, February. The season of love. And if you’re the proactive type, taxes. Taxes are decidedly not sexy. They require us to do supremely unsexy things, like spend days compiling paperwork and hunting down receipts. They force us to dive deeply into our budgets and take long, hard looks at ourselves in the mirror. And…

In Defense of the Really Long Email

When companies begin formulating their email strategy, this question always comes up: How long should our emails be? Surely, with decades of emailing under our belts, our society has figured out some formula, some equation, some something to help determine an ideal email length. Yes, friends. You’ve come to the rig…

A Deep Dive into Thrive Market’s Stress-Relieving Thanksgiving Emails

While many holiday campaigns rely on bad turkey or Santa puns to carry them through the season (scan your inbox now for a few examples), others use the holidays to truly shine — by offering just the right message, offer, or inspiration at just the right time to spread joy and reduce stress. Thrive Market is a health-c…

How to Win Back Your Lost Trial Leads

Cutting contact with people who didn’t convert after a trial means missed opportunities. Here’s how 15Five reengages users with a winback email campaign.

Transactional emails: More important than you think.

Some advice for making great transactional emails

When should a CEO write support email?

Analysis of an Email from the Paypal CEO to Andy Macmillan

How to get user feedback like a boss

We look at how to get your users to respond to you
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