How to Get New Value from Your Subscription Box Gift Recipients

If you are a subscription box company, you know that end-of-the-year gift giving will generate a significant part of your revenue for your business. But how can you turn one-off purchases into sustainable recurring revenue? Most, if not all, of your retention marketing is primarily focused on your paying, active subscri…

How to Optimize the Post-Click Experience for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Your job to convert more people doesn’t stop with the email. A guest post from Instapage shares how you can optimize the post-click experience through the landing page for stronger email marketing success.

Blue Apron’s Derailment-Resistant Lifecycle Emails

Smart lifecycle email campaigns account for future inactivity and abandonment. Here’s how Blue Apron prevents derailment with an invisible railroad of emails that keep customers on track.

Run Your Lifecycle Email Like a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

How do you create effective lifecycle emails that send the right message to the right person at the right time? Surprisingly, we learned a helpful approach from a D&D Dungeon Master.

The Elements of a Great Activation Email Campaign

Janet Choi
The free trial period and soon after is a prime window to activate product abandoners. When you use these reengagement tactics in your emails, they’ll go from lost causes to vital customers.

The Magic of Automating Account Management for Customers

Janet Choi
Automating account management for low-touch customers using helpful lifecycle emails provides a better experience for customers who usually wouldn’t get personal attention and increases profitability.

How to Figure Out Your Aha! Moment

Successful activation of your users is the key to achieving meaningful growth. Here’s our walkthrough for unearthing your product’s Aha! moment and how to bring more users to it.

Lifecycle Emails Gone Awry

Lifecycle emails are hard to get right, but there are simple mistakes that you can avoid. Here’s a walkthrough of some real-life examples and how to apply some lessons from their missteps.

3 Cognitive Biases Stunting Your Growth

Janet Choi Comments Off on How to Get New Value from Your Subscription Box Gift Recipients
Cognitive biases don’t just impact users. Learn how marketers and product managers can rein in automation bias, survivorship bias, and the illusion of validity for better decision-making.

Turn Newbies into Power Users Through Lifecycle Segmentation

Growing your business requires nurturing new users of your product to become power users. Here’s a strategy for thinking about segmenting your emails recipients based on product engagement level.
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