How Your ESP Affects Your Deliverability: The Real Story

Mike Auldredge
Want high deliverability rates? While your ESP has a role to play, the power is mostly in your hands. Learn how to take control of inbox placement.

Guide to Marketing Automation
What if the time your teams spend on rote marketing tasks could be transformed into high-value strategic work? What if your marketing campaigns landed at the ideal time for maximum engagement for every single customer? If you want to make it happen, it’s time to talk marketing automation.   Here’s what you’ll get in t…

Your Guide to Lifecycle Marketing

Gabriela Kustner
Picture a typical rom-com: it starts with a meet-cute, charts a budding relationship, and ends with the happy couple strolling into the proverbial sunset. Ever wonder what happens after the credits roll? If you look at the world through a lifecycle marketing perspective, you’ve already imagined the sequel: a satisfying, …

Email Inspiration Guide

Naomi West
What emails should I be sending? Email marketing, when set up well, has the opportunity to build a strong relationship with any potential, or existing customer, all while being scalable — allowing you, as a business owner or marketer, to focus on other things while email works on your behalf. Within this guide, you’ll ge…

Better Black Friday Engagement: 3 Steps to Boost Deliverability

Mike Auldredge
As the kickoff to holiday shopping looms, ‘tis the season for a massive increase in email marketing. Inbox providers report a 30% uptick in inbound email around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you’re prepping to join the chorus of messages hitting inboxes, don’t overlook a crucial component of a successful strategy: de…

How RushOrderTees Fuels Success With’s Flexibility

Gabriela Kustner
To keep pace with their customers’ needs, RushOrderTees needs a marketing platform that matches their speed, flexibility, and innovative spirit. Today, with in their tech stack, “you can’t do that” is a thing of the past.

5 Tips to Level Up Your Campaigns

Nancy Baron
Staying focused on your goals, leveraging campaign functionality, and optimizing your metrics will help you create lifecycle campaigns that convert and nurture your customers. 

How to Optimize the Post-Click Experience for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Your job to convert more people doesn’t stop with the email. A guest post from Instapage shares how you can optimize the post-click experience through the landing page for stronger email marketing success.

Blue Apron’s Derailment-Resistant Lifecycle Emails

Janet Choi
Smart lifecycle email campaigns account for future inactivity and abandonment. Here’s how Blue Apron prevents derailment with an invisible railroad of emails that keep customers on track.

Run Your Lifecycle Email Like a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Janet Choi 12 Comments
How do you create effective lifecycle emails that send the right message to the right person at the right time? Surprisingly, we learned a helpful approach from a D&D Dungeon Master.
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