Best Practices for Implementing NPS Surveys

A practical guide with everything you need to know for how to run successful NPS surveys to reduce churn, increase retention, and grow your business.

How To Use Your NPS Survey Results to Boost Retention

“The power of the net promoter score is not the number but what you do with it to improve customer relationships. We’ve rounded up ideas to inspire your follow-ups to NPS feedback.”

How to SMARTen Up Your Lifecycle Emails

“An in-depth guide to creating powerful triggered lifecycle emails and upgrade your behavioral email marketing with SMART goals.”

The Pirate’s Map to Valuable Lifecycle Emails

Here’s our mini-guide to using the pirate metrics model for lifecycle email campaigns that further your customers’ goals and grow your business.

Why Email Marketing Powers Your Business

Email generates the highest ROI for marketers, but there’s way more to its power. Read why it’s the top communication channel and what that means for growing your business.

Avoid the Cookie-Cutter Approach to Email Marketing to Increase Conversions

Copying what other companies do isn’t a reliable email marketing technique. For VideoBlocks, it’s A/B testing that results in actual knowledge they can use.

Increase Your Email Opens by 30% in 1 Minute

Even if your usual email open rates is as high as 40%, that means over half your subscribers haven’t seen your message. Here’s how you can get 30% more opens.

The Psychology of Upgrade Emails: Make Something to Lose

People hate to lose more than they love to gain. Learn how to use the psychology of loss aversion in email marketing to boost your SaaS conversions and upgrades.

Email is User Experience

Emails aren’t a bolt-on to your product, service, or business. They are part of your customer’s user experience. How to treat your email as UX.

Email Marketing Basics: Newsletters and Drip Campaigns

We review of 2 of the most popular types of email marketing campaigns, newsletters and drip emails. What they are, when to use them, and other pro-tips.
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