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Data Pipelines is now available in general access. Read more here. Send customer data to all the tools you use with just one integration. For the past decade, we’ve helped companies use their data to connect with their customers. We’ve seen it all! From companies juggling dozens of data sources to startups losing … Named a Leader in Marketing Automation

Lacey Budd
G2 has released its Spring 2023 Awards, recognizing the top-performing software companies in multiple categories. G2 recognized in seven categories, including being named a Leader in Marketing Automation and Transactional Email, as well as a High Performer for Mobile Marketing.  “Companies are impleme…

Meet Jason Lyman: Our New Chief Marketing Officer

Lacey Budd
As our new CMO, Jason brings over ten years of experience from numerous high-growth organizations like Dropbox, Podium, and BetterCloud, where he has served in senior marketing leadership roles. He has helped develop successful B2B marketing strategies and established those companies as market leaders. Jason brings exper…

Introducing Mobile and Web In-App Messaging

Brian Thomas
Today, we’re launching In-App Messaging as a new channel for sending notifications within web and mobile apps!

Welcoming Parcel, the best coding platform for email

Colin Nederkoorn has acquired Parcel, the best coding platform for creating emails. Parcel remains a standalone product with an expanded community (free) plan. Parcel’s email coding experience is available as an experimental feature in starting today.

Welcoming Gist to

Colin Nederkoorn has acquired Gist, an in-app messaging solution that lets you display embedded experiences such as welcome messages, feature announcements, and carousels within mobile and web apps.  In our research about building in-app messaging functionality, we learned our customers want them to be: Consist… Raised our Series A

Colin Nederkoorn
Startups often raise a lot of capital early. Large fundraising rounds shorten the time you have to thoughtfully build your business. In 2017, I talked about our approach, fundstrapping which still represents how we’re building the business today. We have taken the time to do things right and is ready to sc…

Update on our European Availability Zone

Colin Nederkoorn
After the European Court of Justice (CJEU) announced the invalidation of the Privacy Shield Framework last summer, implemented Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) to allow for the lawful transfer of data for our EU customers. If you’re an EU customer and require an executed Standard Contractual Clauses…

EU Customers, Privacy Shield, and a European Availability Zone

Colin Nederkoorn
On July 16th, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) invalidated the Privacy Shield Framework that allowed data transfer between the EU and the US. For all EU customers who don’t have Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) with us in place, we recommend you download and countersign our pre-signed form.’s s…

Business Continuity at During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Colin Nederkoorn
For many businesses, is a mission critical part of infrastructure. With the ongoing covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, I want to reassure you about our resiliency. We’re confident that service from will continue unaffected. Here’s what you might want to know: Globally distributed. Our team …
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