EU Customers, Privacy Shield, and a European Availability Zone

On July 16th, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) invalidated the Privacy Shield Framework that allowed data transfer between the EU and the US. For all EU customers who don’t have Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) with us in place, we recommend you download and countersign our pre-signed form.’s …

Business Continuity at During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For many businesses, is a mission critical part of infrastructure. With the ongoing covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, I want to reassure you about our resiliency. We’re confident that service from will continue unaffected. Here’s what you might want to know: Globally distributed. Our team…

A New Look for

Colin Nederkoorn
In April 2013, we launched’s logo you’re all familiar with. This logo has served the company well. Almost six years later, we decided it was time to reimagine as our company and product have evolved. Starting today, you’ll see a new logo, color palette, and an updated website. Over the coming mon… 2018 In Review

John and I started in 2012 to prove that we could build a business to support the two of us. Six years and 42 people on the team later, we’re grateful each month when revenue increases that this amazing journey keeps going. Customer Satisfaction The team increased customer satisfaction achieving our highest…

Managing Remote Work’s Double Edges

Ivana McConnell
Remote work can provide a wonderful and productive environment. But the keys to what makes remote teams effective are also challenges to overcome. Here’s how one employee navigates life in a remote company.

How We Use Webhook Actions to Push Data Into Salesforce

Alex Patton
We needed to align marketing and sales with the same user behavior data. Here’s how we push leads and updates into Salesforce using Webhook Actions from Actions – Why did we do it this way?

Gain an insider understanding of why released Actions by starting with a webhook

Our growing team

Announcing David Greenberg as CMO and Justin Hieggelke as VP of Customer Success

How Pairing Powers Remote Teams

Remote team collaboration and communication is challenging. Here’s how we work together through remote pairing and why it’s so valuable to our engineering team.

Here’s what did for you in 2014

A review of 2014 for Revenue, email volume, and how well we helped our customers
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