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G2 has released its Spring 2023 Awards, recognizing the top-performing software companies in multiple categories. G2 recognized in seven categories, including being named a Leader in Marketing Automation and Transactional Email, as well as a High Performer for Mobile Marketing. 

“Companies are implementing because we help them engage customers across push, email, SMS, and in-app, and leverage their product data to create a world-class experience,” shares Colin Nederkoorn, CEO of “The recognition as a leader across multiple categories on G2 by our customers is a credit to our team for how well they’re meeting our customers’ needs.”

G2 Spring 2023 Awards for earned badges in the following categories.

Marketing Automation is rated in the top five for dynamic content, workflow capability, and program management. 

  • Leader
  • Momentum Leader
  • Leader Small Business
  • High Performer Mid-Market
  • High Performer Asia
  • High Performer Asia Small Business
  • Users Love Us

“Comprehensive marketing automation without extra fluff. Super easy to use on both one-off marketing sends as well as more complex campaigns. ” – Isabel S, G2

Transactional Email is rated #1 for Spam Filter Testing, and is also rated in the top five for email segmentation and multiple domains.

  • Leader
  • Leader Mid-Market
  • Leader Small-Business
  • Momentum Leader
  • High Performer Europe
  • Users Love Us

“Moving our transactional emails into has given us great analytics and helped our support team clearly see a record of email activity for users to help with troubleshooting.” – Sophie E, G2

Mobile Marketing is recognized for the quality of support it provides to customers using the mobile-specific functionality available in our platform.

  • High Performer
  • Users Love Us

“This is your all-in-one system to communicate with your customers. Instead of having multiple systems to push, email, text or otherwise communicate, makes it easy to set every system up and get your messaging out. Analytics are also terrific.” – Drew H, G2

Push Notification is rated #1 for Rich Notifications and Integrations, and is also recognized for its personalization, a/b testing, and scheduling.

  • Users Love Us

“One of the easiest platforms to build campaigns, configure emails/push notifications, segment audiences, and more. is constantly improving the platform and has efficient customer service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” – Darrian C, G2

Personalization has been recognized for its ease of set up, attractive price point, and market presence.

  • Users Love Us

“Creating personalized messaging journeys with super smart conditions, easy tracking of the journey each customers steps in and out from, combining push and email easily into meaningful workflows, monitoring campaign conversions and ROI” – Muhammad H, G2

SMS Marketing 

Reviewers called out for its ease of use and quality of support for its SMS solutions.

  • Users Love Us

“Allows me to do direct mail, email, and text or SMS retargeted marketing all in one tool, and then also allows me to create environments for each client, and we have 50!” – Paul H, G2

Email Marketing 

According to customer reviews, is rated highly for email segmentation, support for multiple domains, and webhooks.

  • Users Love Us

“While I struggled a bit at first, it is actually the first email automation tool where I managed to create dynamic emails by myself using the coding logic.” – Laurin Lukas S, G2