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Welcoming Parcel, the best coding platform for email has acquired Parcel, the best coding platform for creating emails. Parcel remains a standalone product with an expanded community (free) plan. Parcel’s email coding experience is available as an experimental feature in starting today.

Anyone who has written email code knows it’s uniquely challenging. Coding platforms built for web development don’t take email standards into account. Email code breaks HTML formatters, requires non-standard CSS, and behaves differently in the many email clients that exist.

Parcel was built with email developers and marketers in mind, including the features of modern code editors as well as tools to make hand-crafted email creation easy.

Parcel makes every step of the email creation process better, from a component system that enables building with a design system approach to its tools for team collaboration.

We think every email creator deserves Parcel (More for free!)

Parcel is used and loved by people who create email code regardless of the platform they use to send emails. It will continue to be available as a separate product and we’re adding to the team to develop the product. In addition, to make Parcel more accessible to all email creators, we’re happy to announce a major expansion of Parcel’s free Community Plan. We’re increasing the number of free emails by 10x and including several of the most valuable features: reusable snippets, live multi-device previews, and an email-specific HTML problem checker.

Here’s what just one of Parcel’s users, Megan Boshuyzen, Senior Email Developer at Mailgun, has to say about why everyone should use Parcel.

Parcel is an essential part of any email developer’s toolkit. With features like components and HTML linting, email development that used to take me days now takes me a few hours or less. Parcel saves me time, keeps me consistent, and helps me deliver perfectly coded emails.

The best email coding experience is now native in

We are also building the Parcel editing experience directly into Parcel will replace’s code editor.

The first version is live today. You can enable Parcel as the code editor in your account as an experimental feature.

Making the lives of email creators better

As part of the acquisition, Parcel’s founder Avi Goldman and marketer Naomi West are joining our team. Both are widely known as email experts who make the lives of email creators better, not just through Parcel, but with resources for the email community, such as sponsoring an email accessibility report, curating a list of email resources, and providing a handy free calendar link generator.

Teaming up with Parcel helps deliver a world class experience for both email creators and the lifecycle marketers who use email to deliver more thoughtful messages to their customers. Together, we’ll further’s work to make sophisticated marketing tools accessible to every business with big aspirations.

We hope you’ll give Parcel a try today, whether in your account or through the free Community account on

Colin Nederkoorn