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Introducing Mobile and Web In-App Messaging

Today, we’re launching in-app messaging as a new channel for sending notifications within web and mobile apps!

In-app messaging lets you speak to folks directly within your app experience, while they’re engaged, rather than landing in an inbox or as mobile notification where it can be easily missed. You’ll be able to set up in-app in the same workflow as emails, push notifications, and SMS, helping you to reach people on the channel most likely to get their attention.

In-app messages can be displayed as banners or modals and can be customized with your brand colors and text styles so they fit in naturally with your app. You can build messages that include lists, multiple buttons, images, GIFs, and more.

Some things to know about this feature:

  • It acts just like any other channel. All of our data personalization, testing, and metrics work seamlessly with in-app messages.
  • If you’re using another provider for in-app messaging, nothing is changing. You’ll always be able to integrate with any other service.
  • This is a beta feature. This means you may still find a few rough edges, but you also have greater ability to influence this feature’s direction. Email us at with any feedback!

“ has a level of versatility I haven’t seen in any other messaging platform. We’re really excited to start sending in-app messages for surveys, account reminders, and much more.”

Matt Hayes, Email Marketing Manager,

Not sure where you can start using in-app messages? Try reinforcing your current email/push/SMS campaigns. For example:

  • If a customer has disabled push notifications but just left you a 5-star review, you could trigger an in-app message to ask them if they’d like to turn push notifications back on.
  • If your customers still haven’t enabled 2FA, you can send them a reminder as soon as they open your app to remind them to do so.
  • If you want to find the best time to ask your customers to upgrade, run a 3-way test where you trigger an in-app message over three distinct periods of time, and compare the results.

“We’re very excited to start using in-app messaging in We’ve loved the platform since 2013 and can’t wait to leverage your data capabilities for this channel.”

Mijael Feldman, CEO & Co-Founder, getxerpa

These are just a few potential uses for in-app messages, and we know you’ll discover many more. Try it out! And don’t forget to share any feedback you have with us at

“We see great potential in using the data stored on our users in to create tailored in-app messages like “welcome back” – when a user logs in for the first time in a long time – and “goal reached” – when a user reaches a specific milestone. We can’t wait to incorporate in-app messaging into our welcome flow for new users and to highlight new functionalities in the app for existing ones.”

Mathias Hoffmann, CTO,