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Meet Jason Lyman: Our New Chief Marketing Officer

As our new CMO, Jason brings over ten years of experience from numerous high-growth organizations like Dropbox, Podium, and BetterCloud, where he has served in senior marketing leadership roles. He has helped develop successful B2B marketing strategies and established those companies as market leaders. Jason brings experience in supporting both self-serve and enterprise sales motions, which will be critical for to reach a broader market this year.

Jason Lyman

“As a former customer, I saw first-hand the impact can have within organizations. The market opportunity ahead of us is massive, and I am thrilled to join to help more teams deliver transformative experiences to customers.”

Why did you join

I’m attracted to companies with a large customer base who are passionate about the products we sell to them. has a large community of users who recognize this solution’s impact on their teams. As a result, it makes my job as a Marketer a lot more fun and gives my team a lot more flexibility in crafting stories that resonate with prospects and customers. 

What’s one thing you’re most excited about in your new role?

Since I am a Marketer, I understand a lot about this persona and am excited to develop marketing strategies targeting people like myself. This understanding and empathy will help me and the team be more effective with our marketing investments.    

Can you share your vision for the marketing team at

I believe that best-in-class marketing is customer-centric, metrics-driven, and strategically aligned. Those principles will guide how we develop our strategy, where we prioritize our investments, and how we organize our team. 

What marketing trend excites you the most?

Personalization is a marketing trend that continues to build momentum. With advancements in data collection and analytics, it is becoming easier for marketing teams to tell a more personalized story to a customer. By tailoring your messaging and product positioning to meet each customer’s needs, you can improve their customer experience and gain a competitive advantage over other alternatives in the market.

How has the marketing landscape evolved since you started your career, and how has this shaped your marketing philosophy?

When I started my career, marketing teams strongly emphasized the creative side of their work. However, organizations have gotten better at measuring the impact of marketing efforts, which has driven a shift in marketing teams to be more data-driven. Because I have focused on the B2B software space, I have embraced the role of product analytics, user research, market trends, and past performance in developing marketing strategies to gain an edge over the competition.

And talking about philosophies, what’s your leadership philosophy?

Leaders need to inspire and motivate employees with a clear vision and ambitious goals for the team. With that north star in place, I look to drive impact with each team member defining ownership and accountability for specific initiatives that they will own to help us meet those goals. People are more successful when they have more autonomy over their work and see how it ladders into the bigger picture. Finally, I like helping my team achieve that success, so I look to foster collaboration via open communication. I want to be a resource for them as they navigate obstacles standing in their way.  

You can read our press release announcement here.

Jason Lyman with family

Jason lives in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife and two children. He loves attending live concerts, skiing, and sporting events (go, Warriors!). Fun fact, for the past 24 years, Jason has made a grilled cheese sandwich every week. This tradition started in college with the electric skillet his mom gave him when he left home (and he still uses it today to make those sandwiches).