3 Ways to Save Time with Dynamic Dates

Naomi West
As marketers, we use dates in our emails all the time, from basics like copyright lines to making content personal and timely with dates specific to a customer’s activity.  But keeping dates current in your campaigns can be a lot of manual work. Even a small change, like updating your footers, can take hours or e…

Email-ready video thumbnails: 3 steps, 30 seconds

Naomi West
Naomi West is a Product Marketing Manager at Parcel, the industry-leading email coding tool, which was recently acquired by Customer.io. You can also catch her writing about all things email on her personal blog. Video content can be engaging, fun, and a great way to show off your brand personality. But when you try t…

Forwarded Emails Breaking? Here’s Why (and How to Fix It)

Shannon Nishi
Your carefully designed email lands in your customers’ inboxes looking pixel-perfect…and then they forward it. It might come through as a mangled mess: images are broken or resized, spacing looks weird, colors have changed—even your bulletproof buttons could be broken. Yikes. What happened? Is it your code? The ESP?…

How to Create an “Add to Calendar” Link for Your Emails

Jordan Lewis
When attendees register for an event you’re hosting, a confirmation email is key in getting them to show up. You can bolster attendance by making it easy for guests to put the event on their calendars.

How the Best SaaS Companies Write Upgrade Emails that Convert

Janet Choi 12 Comments
Upgrade emails increase conversions and sales. Use these 5 upgrade email templates to start boosting business growth today.

The frugal writer’s guide to making content work twice as hard

Recycle content from your blog, presentations, newsletters, and emails to make it work twice as hard with little to no extra effort

How to write emails people actually want to read

Nora Landis-Shack
Five strategies for writing great emails people will read

Using color in your emails – what you need to know

Nora Landis-Shack
Use this advice to add color to your emails and make them stand out from the crowd

Getting more people to click on your newsletter

Colin Nederkoorn
Bulletproof buttons, focusing content, clear calls to action, and AIDA all help you get more people to click on your email newsletters

How to hire freelance writers

Colin Nederkoorn
Ruben Gamez from Bidsketch talks about working with freelancers writing for his company. If you want to get better writing, maybe outsourcing to a professional writer is the way to go.
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