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Mobile messaging trends for 2024: What marketers need to know

Things are constantly changing in marketing. What might be a best practice one year has completely changed the next. That’s one of the reasons marketing is such an exciting field to work in. When you look at marketing trends year-over-year, you can see how innovation leads to disruption, action, and strategic transformat…

Your guide to personalized, multi-channel mobile onboarding 

Molly Murphy
Over 200 billion mobile apps are downloaded each year (source), yet 25% are opened only once (source). You spend a lot of time and money acquiring new customers, so how do you ensure your mobile app isn’t consigned to the dustbin? Effective mobile onboarding can make all the difference. When someone downloads your app…

What is in-app messaging?

Molly Murphy
You have many messaging channels you can use to drive customers into your app, like email, SMS, and push. But once they’re actually using your app, are you engaging them with personalized content? Thoughtful in-app messages are a crucial component of your omnichannel messaging strategy. It can close the loop on messages …

What Are Push Notifications? Your Guide to Mobile Push

Molly Murphy
With the average inbox containing hundreds or thousands of unread emails and spam filters churning away, getting eyeballs on your marketing messages gets more and more difficult. That’s why push notifications are so powerful: they’re urgent, immediate, and highly visible. But they also come with some hidden pitfalls you’…

How to Measure Push Performance (Hint: It’s Not Open Rates)

Slater Smith
If getting an email is like getting a letter, seeing a push notification is like seeing a postcard. Just because you throw it out doesn’t mean you didn’t read it. Make sure your push metrics don’t rely on open rates alone.
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