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How are you different?

You’ve been asked the question your entire life: How are you different?

Before you got in to college, each college asked you cleverly worded essay questions. They wanted to know “How are you different?”. Each college compared you against all the other applicants. Some of those other folks didn’t make the cut.

At job interviews, the interviewers ask you all sorts of probing questions about you and your past experience. Really, they are trying to get at one question:

How are you different from the other people we’ve met?

In your job, you experience the same thing from customers (you can’t get away from it!). Sometimes people will ask you “How are you different?

For each question you get, there are a hundred people who don’t reach out and ask you.

Most prospective customers don’t bother to ask you how you’re different

They use the words and pictures on your landing page and in your email to make decisions about you.

So, how can you make sure your landing pages and emails are helping prospects understand how you’re different?

Customers make buying decisions in lines, not dots.

There’s a magic number in marketing that:

The average person has to hear about your product 7 times before they will buy from you

No matter how good your sales copy, you don’t win a life-long customer on a first impression. People string together multiple data-points to make decisions.

The goal of your first-impression should be to earn the opportunity for a second impression!