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You’ll do great things with email this year:

What will you have accomplished when we sit here together next year? Will you be proud of the work you’ve done? Will you be proud of the help you’ve given?

If I asked you on January 2nd, 2012 what you would accomplish in 2012, would you be able to tell me? I certainly couldn’t.

In 2012, I was honored to help you:

  • By sending articles (like this) by email to over 2000 people like you every week.
  • By teaching a class on writing great email content to those of you in New York.
  • By proof-reading and providing feedback on your emails

I would never guess that I would have done any of those things. But they were right for us to do because of our guiding principles.

What are your guiding principles in the work that you do?

Our single guiding principle as a company is simple and unwavering:

Help you be awesome at emailing your customers.

Sticking to this principle made it a no-brainer to do all of the things we did this year to help you.

In 2013, I want to help you even more than in 2012

So, tell me. What do you want to master in your email marketing this year?

Add it in the comments below or if you want to share it privately, email me colin at customer dot io

Here’s to 2013,

P.S. What are you doing the first weekend in February? Consider attending the Email Bootcamp for Startups. It’s virtual. I’m thrilled to be doing it alongside Joanna Wiebe and Patrick McKenzie.