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How many people really use google’s mail (google apps + gmail)

Technology businesses and small companies increasingly use Google Apps to power their corporate email. Google Apps Email is just Gmail with the ability to swap in your logo and receive email on “”.

You know from previous newsletters that Gmail under-reports open rates because images are off by default.

But Gmail is actually also underreported in stats because so many recipients are using it and you wouldn’t know it…

How many people really use Google’s email Google Apps + Gmail? We had our data scientist run some numbers on almost 200,000 behavioral emails we’ve sent. And we were surprised at what we found.

So in reality over half of your recipients might have images off by default and underreport open rates.

What’s interesting about this is when we ignored volume and just looked at all the domains we’ve seen:

We’ve also found that people who sign up using their Google Apps email click are about 10.2% more likely to click on your email than regular Gmail users.

My guess is that people willing to sign up with their company email address are more qualified leads and therefore more likely to click. What do you think the reason is?

Understanding recipient data is just a drop in the bucket of what you need to know to make smart decisions about email for your company.

But how does what you do with email compare to other companies? 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an email you could get next week to give you more insight into this?

Complete this short 7 question survey.

Fill it out and everyone wins.



P.S. Last week I helped a few people by proofreading emails and making suggestions. I actually like doing this, so if you want me to proofread something you wrote, please send it on with a note about when someone would receive it.