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5 Tips to Level Up Your Campaigns

Staying focused on your goals, leveraging campaign functionality, and optimizing your metrics will help you create lifecycle campaigns that convert and nurture your customers. 

8 Tips To Successfully Set Up an Account

Shannon Nishi
Congratulations, you’re opening a brand new account with! We know first hand the excitement that must be brewing to have the world of right at your fingertips and a blank slate to make all your marketing automation dreams come true. Before you begin to build mind-blowing campaign workflows and …

Oh, the other features you’ll ship if you focus on your product’s onboarding!

How you approach the work is as important as what you ship. Want a masterclass in @UserOnboard ing? Try @CustomerIO. They asked about me, my company, and how I want to use the product and then highlighted where they used that info to customize the onboarding flow.. which is exactly what their product was crea…

Building Your First Product Onboarding Email Campaign

Once you’ve started to acquired users, you’ll want to build the perfect onboarding email series for your product very soon. Whether you’re a B2C product or a B2B SaaS platform, a well-thought-out product onboarding series can play a key role in turning your new users into lifelong paying customers. In this guide, you’…

Finding the Right Free Trial Length for Your User Experience

The best free trial balances setting the customer up for success with tactics to grow your business. Here’s how different trial length strategies affect this critical user experience.

Onboard Users to Success by Preparing Them for Liftoff

Janet Choi
User liftoff is the first milestone in the user onboarding process that’s key to making customer success even possible and protects you from churn.

How to Trigger Product Usage that Sticks

Janet Choi
Behavioral triggers are the motivational key to making habits that stick. Here’s how to apply behavioral design to retain users and make your product a success.

Don’t Get Funnel Vision: How to Preboard Your Customers To Success

Overfocusing on funnels can distract from vital customer alignment. Here’s why you should preboard prospects by aligning your acquisition marketing efforts with an eye towards getting customers to wins in your product.

Why You Should Use Video in Onboarding Emails

Combine video with email, and you have a powerful engagement system to unleash when onboarding new users. Why video is so effective and how to do it right.

How Increased its Trial to Paid Conversion Rate by 2.4x

How do you use drip campaigns to increase conversions from trial to paid? Find out how improved their conversion rate 2.4x with their onboarding emails.