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Mailto Links: 3 Simple Steps to Easier Engagement 

Naomi West
Mailto links are easy to create – no coding required. With one click, your subscribers have an email draft with the send-to address, subject line, and body prefilled. They type a few words, hit send, and voila! Your right team gets the message instantly.

How to Determine the Best Time to Send Your Email

The best day and time to send email is a question only you can answer. Here’s how to think about context, audience, and data to determine your optimal schedule.

Best Practices for Engaging SMS Messaging Campaigns

Using SMS to increase engagement for your products and services? Complete 3 to-do’s to ensure you’re always delivering relevance and winning your behavioral SMS marketing messaging.

Beyond Quid Pro Quo

Janet Choi
The surprising secret to marketing success is to forget marketing and focus on helping.

Why does your business exist ?

A look at the golden circle and simon sineks proposal that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

What email looks like in 5 years

Some significant technological changes to email in the next five years

The Email Design Conference

Litmus will be holding an email conference in San Francisco, London and Boston


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