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Giving your customers their own support rep

A prospective customer gave us a cool use case yesterday. They said:

Every new customer has their own support rep. How can I send emails through so people receive them from their support rep?

This company is doing customer support the way we’d love to see all businesses do customer support. Can you imagine if you bought a new phone, and instead of the standard email “Welcome to mega-wireless corp” from, you got something like this:

Hi Colin,
Thanks for becoming our customer. I’m Janice and I work out of our Manhattan office. If you have any questions about your phone or plan, please send me an email or give me a call on 212-555-5555.
Thanks, Janice

That would be pretty great. Most of our customers care enough about their customers that they are willing to provide that level of service.

Last night, John created a sweet way to make it happen. You just send us a “Guru” name and email address for each customer. It doesn’t have to be guru. You can call your customer support folks whatever you want.


Then you just create a “From” address using liquid tags.

From Address

We’ll merge in the from address when we generate the email for that user.

Now, whenever people reply it goes to their “Guru” and they get the personalized support they deserve.