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How to Build a Round-Robin Assignment for your Inbound Sales Funnel

Alex Patton
Using’s global variables – called snippets – and our app API, you can create a workflow that automatically routes new leads to the next account executive on your list.

How to use Snippets for Id Lookups

Alex Patton
Depending on the emails you’re sending or systems you are integrating with, you frequently have a value but need to find the id (or vice versa) from a static list. With’s Snippets, you can use Liquid Logic to lookup a list of ids and their corresponding values. For this example, we’re going to demonstrate …

Send an Automated Message to Intercom’s Chat Widget

Colin Nederkoorn
Intercom is a popular live chat tool that lets your users talk in real-time to a customer support representative – frequently, companies will also use Intercom for in-app notifications. Using Intercom’s API and’s Webhook Action, you can trigger automated messages to specific users through the Intercom live ch…

How to Check if Multiple Profiles Share an Email Address

Alex Patton
If you’ve integrated with multiple data sources, you might run into the case where multiple profiles share one email address. While there is no way to merge or alias profiles in – this article will show you how to: Automatically check if another profile exists with the same email address.Mark p…

Sync with Salesforce Using Webhooks

Alex Patton
Salesforce is a popular tool that sales teams use to manage customer relationships. Frequently, there is a need to sync information between Salesforce and – that way, sales teams, and marketing teams can benefit from a complete view of their users. In this guide, you will learn how to authenticate into Salesf…