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How to Raise Retention with Data-Driven Emails

Janet Choi
Growing your business relies on keeping the customers you’ve acquired around. Here’s how CloudApp used data-driven email campaigns to hit their churn and revenue expansion targets.

The Iceberg Theory of User Feedback

Are you digging deep enough to understand user feedback? Only a fraction of your customers will tell you how they actually feel. Here’s how and why you should reach out and stay in closer touch.

The Cost of Keeping Your Customers

Customer retention efforts packs a huge punch for business growth when compared to the hamster wheel of customer acquisition. Here’s why user retention is such a key investment.

User Retention Emails, from Day 0 to Day 90

Heading off churn and creating loyal customers starts on signup. Take charge with these behavioral retention emails to keep users engaged and coming back across 90 days of their lifecycle.

The Two-Stage Decision-Making Framework You Need to Know for Better Emails

Janet Choi
A message that doesn’t sync with a customer’s mindset is an unsuccessful message. Here’s a purchase decision-making process that product and marketing teams should know.

3 Behavioral Messaging Workflows to Improve Churn

User behavior in your product shows reliable signs of intent. Here are 3 powerful automated workflows that trigger based on behavioral data for outbound and internal messages, using webhook Actions.

What Most Marketers Are Missing in Their Drip Emails

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be thoughtlessly mechanical. Here’s how modern drip email campaigns take context into consideration.

The Persuasion Playbook for Email Marketers

Janet Choi
Emails provide a huge opportunity to motivate users and customers — if you understand that what makes them tick isn’t always rational. Here’s our guide on how to persuade people with your messages.

How to Create Webinar Invitations that Drive Registrations

Email is by far the best channel for successfully promoting your webinar. Here’s our guide to creating and optimizing your webinar invitation emails.

5 Tactics to Fuel Retention and Slash Churn

Walter Chen
To grow your business, you have to address core aspects of your product and company. Here are 5 ways that the SaaS company iDoneThis improved retention and cut churn by 3x.