5 Tactics to Fuel Retention and Slash Churn

To grow your business, you have to address core aspects of your product and company. Here are 5 ways that the SaaS company iDoneThis improved retention and cut churn by 3x.

6 Sales Techniques You Should Use In Your Lifecycle Emails

Andrew Tate
Every communication is a chance to make a sale, from signup to loyal customer. Apply these hard-earned lessons from sales teams to your lifecycle email campaigns.

7 Emails that Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Customer retention requires continuing conversations. Learn how companies move the needle forward for their customers using email and keep them from churning.

Churn Rate Reduction with Retention Emails

Reducing your customer churn rate by targeting at risk customers with a retention email

User Retention as a Service

User retention is a great long-term strategy to keep users around

What is customer retention?

Customer retention is the key to success for any business. Here are some types and how you can use it

User retention emails – 3 examples that keep customers coming

User Retention example emails from Dropbox Grove.io and Ready for Zero
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