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In-app messaging examples and best practices you won’t want to miss

There are many ways to communicate with your customers, but only one channel is guaranteed to reach them while they are actively engaged: in-app messaging. That’s likely one of the main reasons it was the fastest-growing channel in in 2023. Not only did the number of brands using in-app messaging swell, but t…

Real-time personalization: the what, why, and how

When you get a marketing message that uses your name in the greeting, you know the brand has taken time to personalize their messaging. But there’s a big difference between Hi {FirstName} and an experience genuinely tailored to you.  That’s where real-time personalization comes in. Powered by data, real-time p…

How to Build an Abandoned Cart Campaign in 5 Steps

Every brand that sells online knows this struggle: a carefully nurtured lead makes it all the way to the “place order” button… and then clicks away before completing the transaction. But don’t abandon hope when a customer abandons a cart! A timely, relevant follow-up message can transform those almost-there engagements i…

How to Create Hyper-Personalized Lead Scores

Are you struggling to separate the red-hot leads from prospects that are just lukewarm? Lead scoring, or using customer characteristics and behaviors to predict who is more likely to convert, can help you target the right people with the right messages at the right time. You can use lead scores to create data-driven segm…

Mailto Links: 3 Simple Steps to Easier Engagement 

Mailto links are easy to create – no coding required. With one click, your subscribers have an email draft with the send-to address, subject line, and body prefilled. They type a few words, hit send, and voila! Your right team gets the message instantly.

How to Automatically Identify a Customer’s Preferred Messaging Channel in

Here’s how to reach out to people in the channel where they’re most likely to engage with you in

How to Pull Off Data-Informed Marketing that Matters

Data for effective marketing isn’t all about A/B testing, open rates, and Excel. Use data to inform marketing that really matters — to better tell your story, convey product value, and build a great user experience.

Supercharge Your Mobile App Engagement with Behavioral Emails

When you have a mobile app, your users are just a thumb’s swipe away from your product. Behavioral email is the perfect way to get your customers in the habit of using your app.

How to Leverage the Familiarity Principle in Emails

People tend to prefer things that are more familiar. Here’s how to leverage this familiarity principle in your email marketing to boost your brand, build trust with customers, and grow your business.

How to Write Emails that Pave the Way Towards Action

Janet Choi
Email marketing involves a lot of information delivery. Here’s how and why using concreteness in your messages will help engage, motivate, and convert readers.