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Dunning emails: tips, tricks, and a template for success

Dunning emails help your company collect customer payments. Learn how the best in the business do it with these real-world dunning email examples.

18 transactional email examples we love and why

Transactional emails come in many different types. With this reference tool, see what transactional messages your team can add to your customer lifecycle campaigns.

Before You Choose a Transactional Email Service, Read This

Shayla Price
Choosing the right transactional email service makes all the difference. Your team desires a flexible ESP that can scale with your company’s growth. Consider these 5 key qualities before making a decision.

Timing Matters: When to Send Transactional Emails

Content alone can’t drive your email campaigns. When you send transactional emails matters to the customer experience. Learn these timing strategies to boost your lifecycle messaging.

Order Confirmation Emails: How to Delight Your Customers Every Time

Shayla Price
The customer relationship begins with the order confirmation email. It’s an opportunity to invite the buyer into your brand experience. Learn strategies to celebrate the customer’s purchase.

How to Design Your Invoice Emails to Include Relevant Content

Well-designed invoice emails help your team collect payments from customers. Learn strategies to streamline your billing process and keep your cash flow moving.

Transactional Email Best Practices to Strengthen Your Lifecycle Campaigns

Email marketing helps your team attract, engage, and retain customers. Master these transactional email best practices to optimize your lifecycle campaigns.

It’s Not Over: How Cancellation Emails Can Boost Retention and Make Lifelong Friends

We all know the cliche breakup line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” In romantic relationships, this phrase may be a cop-out, but when it comes to your customers, it might actually be true. There are many reasons a customer might cancel their paid subscription. Perhaps it was a fit issue. If that’s the case, that’s valuab…

Event Data: What You Need to Know

Marketers need technical skills to help their teams solve critical problems. Learn more about event data and how to use it to send personalized email campaigns.

3 Essential Elements of Successful Password Reset Emails

You put a lot of effort into the look, feel, and copy of your newsletters and promotional emails. You carefully craft subject lines, design attention-grabbing calls to action, and, if you’re fancy, build in fun, interactive elements. Want to know something? Those aren’t your most-read emails. Not even close. …
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