Giving your customers their own support rep

A prospective customer gave us a cool use case yesterday. They said: Every new customer has their own support rep. How can I send emails through so people receive them from their support rep? This company is doing customer support the way we’d love to see all businesses do customer support. Can you imagine…

Responsive emails don’t have to be hard

This is a more technical than usual post about sending emails that look great on mobile devices as well as the web. I spent some time this weekend making HUGE improvements to our default layouts. If you’re a customer, you can just grab the HTML to update your layouts. Otherwise, …

Intro to Lifecycle Emails

How to use triggered email, drip messaging and lifecycle emails to turn more users in to customers and make more money

How we’re doing – six months in

Doing business with a new company is a two sided proposition and you should be aware of the risks and rewards. On the plus side, you’ll probably get a personal reply from me, the CEO if you write me an email. We’re building a product to serve you and your needs will have a higher influence over where we’ll ultimately go…

Transactional emails: More important than you think.

Some advice for making great transactional emails

When should a CEO write support email?

Analysis of an Email from the Paypal CEO to Andy Macmillan

How to get user feedback like a boss

We look at how to get your users to respond to you

The lizard brain — and email

We look at how the human brain responds to emails

The dumbest thing has done

Last Thursday we opened’s doors for anyone to sign up. For the unfamiliar, we’re a niche email product targeted at SaaS companies.
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