3 Simple Rules for How to Email Users About a Bug or Outage

Be pro-active and communicate during a crisis to help keep things under control and avoid customer frustration and unhappiness.

The two most important lines in your email are…

A quick look at why your email subject line and first line of copy is so important to get right.

How are you different?

Make sure your landing pages and emails are helping prospects understand how you’re different — with your words.

The Surprise Personal Email

An interesting email you could send to connect with and convert new signups to your product

Rules of thumb for writing emails

Five rules for writing emails people will read

Put your readers first to win at content marketing

Our surprising results from a couple weeks of experimenting with different ways to send content out

Results are in: Teaser emails + blog posts. Are they worth doing?

Have you wondered if it is better to write a blog post or an email newsletter? We’re doing semi-scientific research to find out

Should you write blog posts or email newsletters?

Is it better to write a weekly blog post or weekly newsletter?
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